Three Shocking Reasons Your Blood Pressure Remains High Despite All You Have Tried

Three Shocking Reasons Your Blood Pressure Remains High Despite All You Have Tried


According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases (hypertension included) is the number One cause of death globally, responsible for an estimated 17.9 million deaths.

This staggering statistic despite the different classes of anti-hypertensive drugs available for high blood pressure management.

In fact of all these deaths, 85% of them are due to heart attacks and strokes!

This strongly suggests that whatever means most people, and perhaps, YOU have used in curbing and controlling your blood pressure has been hugely ineffective. This, or perhaps your personal awareness levels and responsibility towards improving your health has been extremely low.

This of course has a ripple effect on your family, job or career, finances, happiness and your overall quality of life.

In this video we look at THREE of the Most Shocking Reasons you Probably never thought of are responsible for the constantly high blood pressure most people experience and what to do to immediately start to fix your blood pressure problems yourself.

In case you have not yet noticed, huge emphasis is now shifting to you as an individual. this is because

Ultimately your life’s success, happiness and all-round state of well-being depends on you.

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So as not to ever be a part of this scary statistic of strokes and heart attacks, you MUST always ensure you maintain normal blood pressure every single day i.e always below the WHO recommended 140/90mmHg.

Watch the video now and let us know in the comments, which of these three reasons we discuss here applies to you. (Number Two reason is an eye opener for many).

Also, after watching this video you can immediately see why it is ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT for you to embrace high blood pressure reversal strategies TODAY. This is because the earlier you get started, the more you are in control of your numbers and the more you reduce and continue to reduce your risk of becoming a statistic!

A stitch in time does save nine, even in high blood pressure control!

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CIlechukwu is the chief blogger, author and Founder of Hypertension Africa. She is passionate about helping men and women successfully reverse high blood pressure and the complications resulting from years of poorly managed hypertension.

She is the creator of the High BP Reversal Method ™ and uses her works to help educate and create sufficient awareness of the world’s number one killer disease. 

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