High BP Reversal

High BP Reversal

High BP Reversal

High Blood Pressure Reversal Made Easy

When you hear the term “high blood pressure reversal”, what comes to your mind?

Some people get defensive, others are intrigued at the possibility, while another set just want to know, will this work for me?

In their words, ‘I am just tired of these everyday drugs……Can I ever stop taking medicines everyday?’

Pharm (Mrs) Chibuamam Ilechukwu

So, if you are on our website, and reading this Page right now it tells us three things about you:

  1. You have been diagnosed with hypertension OR a close family member has it
  2. You want and desire a way out! Living with high blood pressure is beginning to get to you!
  3. You want to know how high blood pressure reversal works, so that it can work for you too!

YES or NO?

If YES, read on…..

We start with a few definitions

  • What Exactly is hypertension?
  • Who Needs High blood pressure reversal?
  • Why do YOU NEED High BP Reversal?
  • Fringe Benefits of the High BP Reversal method
  • How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally FAST using the High BP Reversal Method (HBR)


What is hypertension?

According to the World Health Organization, hypertension is a disease of sustained elevated blood pressure numbers above 140/90mmHg.

This hypertension affects one in four men and one in five women and Africa has the highest prevalence of the disease!

This implies that every single person knows at least one family member with high blood pressure.

But the big question remains the one below-

Who Needs High BP Reversal?

On the surface, the answer to this question should be that EVERYONE needs high BP reversal.

However, in our experience, it turns out that people who have just been recently diagnosed often feel a false sense of ‘all-is-well’, it’s not that bad, I can handle it, it will go away on its own, I can take care of myself’ or ‘I am too young for this’ approach and so they leave it till it gets really bad!
Sadly, some never have the chance to make amends as over 7.5 million people die annually from hypertension-related complications!

So, we majorly focus on those who already KNOW and ACKNOWLEDGE that indeed they have a problem and are looking for a science-based, tried, tested and proven method to help get them freedom from high blood pressure.

This person who is READY FOR HIGH BP REVERSAL usually has the following traits which we have compiled from the recurring pattern we see:

They have had hypertension for over five years
They are typical above 35
Their blood pressure control is no longer as good as when they were initially diagnosed- now, even after taking drugs, they get BP above or around 140/90mmHg
They have been ignoring their blood pressure issues for many years, hoping it would disappear on its own, only to have a hypertensive emergency and possible hospitalization that jolts them to reality
They now experience some signs and symptoms of progressively worsening health, like insomnia – finding it difficult to fall asleep or remain asleep, some have complained of poor libido, generalized body weakness, eye problems, more persistent headaches that never seem to go away, some have complained of chest tightness, dizziness, increased heartbeat and palpitations etc
At this stage, they have actually tried all sorts – from very pricey organic and herbal nutritional supplements whose beneficial effects wear off the moment they discontinue use to herbal remedies and concoctions.
They keep going round in circles.

People experiencing ANY or ALL of these symptoms are already at a critical point in their lives and health journey and NEED to embrace high BP reversal as the way to help them get out of the rot.

Why do YOU NEED High BP Reversal?

This is a very personal question and only YOU can answer it.

Why Do you NEED High blood pressure reversal?

Why are you here?
Why are you reading this!

For some people, it is for their children – they want to be able to grow old with their loved ones and fend for their children and grandchildren.

For others, it is for their spouse, they want to be able to grow old with their spouse and not deformed and disabled from a stroke!

Connect with your WHY….this will make you do what you have to do to avert any looming danger.

Fringe Benefits of the High BP Reversal method

Now IF the question about connecting with your WHY spooked you into thinking this has got to be something so daunting, hard or stressful, then just to put your mind at ease. This is not so.

In fact, high blood pressure reversal comes with a lot of benefits, that it is a no-brainer.

So before we share with you what it entails, let us take a look at some of the perks of using this method to control your blood pressure naturally.

This list is based upon results we have recorded working with men and women, just like you.

  1. It usually resolves many other co-existing disease symptoms. You will see this trend very evident when you visit our Case Studies or Testimonials page
  2. You enjoy improved sleep
  3. You become more confident in your weight – if you are trying to lose weight – you get to lose weight alongside. If you’re not overweight or obese, you can still retain your body weight
  4. You can control your blood sugar better
  5. Your moods are lifted and you are more expectant of life and happy to face the new day knowing fully well that you are now in control of your outcomes and health and life and not feeling overwhelmed or downcast or helpless and clueless
  6. You now have an outlook of positivity about life
  7. You are now happier with your family
  8. Self healing
  9. No need to swallow so many drugs everyday because your body now regulates your blood pressure itself so you can now wake up every morning to perfect numbers

Does the high blood pressure reversal look like what you need in your life right now?

How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally FAST using the High BP Reversal Method (HBR)

The high BP reversal method is a completely holistic method of self-healing and returning your body back to its original state before you ever had hypertension.

Your goal is to repair your damaged body cells, cleanse your system and rejuvenate your body to promote self-healing.

It is a complete body repair process from the inside- out ONE STEP AT A TIME!

Once your body is able to regularize your blood pressure itself, automatically the need for everyday drugs decreases. A review with your Doctor usually leads to a decrease in prescribed medicines and over time, complete withdrawal of the medicines.

We have documented and continued refining our in-house high blood pressure reversal protocol over the three years of working closely with men and women of various ages, sex and regions.
Hundreds of men and women have used this science-based, tried, tested and proven method to help them regain control of their bodies, blood pressure, stress levels and enjoy total freedom from the burden of high blood pressure.

The high blood pressure reversal method is a 3-step process that must be taken one after the other.

  1. Mind Liberation
  2. Body Liberation
  3. Freedom Activation

Now each of these 3 steps in the continuum have their own 3 baby steps to make it a lot easier for you to implement and follow.

For the purpose of brevity, and for you to equally see how over 497 men and women just like you have utilized this three step process to achieve better health (without everyday drugs), register here to watch an in-depth webinar outlining the three steps under the three steps.

In addition you learn five of the biggest mistakes most people make that make their blood pressure to remain high.

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What people are saying:

I struggled with palpitations for months, but when I started following her guide, it was a game changer for me, I no longer take medications for palpitations, its really amazing. She is your plug when it comes to anything high BP, palpitations and healthy living. I most definitely recommend her anyday, anytime.

I have been on BP medication for over two years now. But after the BP Master workshop with Chibuamam on the 30th of May 2020. I started using the meal plan & with two weeks my Bp has gone as low as 104/79/65. The beauty of it is that I am not taking any BP medication. I used to get reading as high as 149/88/63. I have to keep tracking my BP so it doesn’t get too lower. Thank’s to Chibuamam & her team. I am almost HBP free!

Thanks again for the BP Mastery workshop held in December. Right now, my last reading was 113/74. Before now, it was 143/95 and above. Thanks for giving me hope and teaching me how to crush high BP.

I can’t even remember the day I found you online, but I was reading anything about BP online and I found your ad about reversing BP naturally. I followed the first foods mentioned to avoid, and I got a bit relieved so I said to myself this must lead me to somewhere, so I decided to subscribe and I never regret it.

Hello everyone, as a pharmacist, I see so many hypertensive cases and the increased prevalence is alarming. I believe this non-drug approach is far beneficial than the drugs use, reduces complications, expenses and so many inconveniences

To whom it may concern, my weight is dropping steadily to my advantage. From body weight of 101kg to 95kg within about 4 weeks, still counting downwards. I feel and look younger now with a beautiful, glowing skin. The BMAP journey is what I don’t want to ever end!