Joyce Iember

52-year-old mother of 4 reverses 10 years of high blood pressure, insomnia, constant headaches and two drugs daily struggle within less than 90 days

Joyce Iember, Kaduna.

51 year old widow reverses 4 years of hypertension and two tablets daily within less than 1 month only.

Iheoma Okorie, Nigeria

44 year old woman reverses 11 complications from 5 years of high blood pressure including headaches, palpitations, high cholesterol, obesity, daily Panadol extra and moved from 3 drugs to half tablet only within just three months of high BP reversal.

Nkiru Anachebe, Lagos, Nigeria

58-year-old mother reverses 8 years of high blood pressure struggles and discontinuous TWO high BP medicines within just TWO WEEKS!!! 7 months later, her BP is 113/74mmHg WITHOUT DRUGS!

Mrs Mo, Abuja, Nigeria

Ex-banker mother and wife (42years) reverses four years of high blood pressure, palpitations and and other struggles within six weeks only. She dropped ALL TWO DRUGS & has remained BP-free 122/86mmHg seven months later

Mrs Eunice, Kaduna, Nigeria

Previously suicidal woman caused by dangerous high BP complications and struggles shocks her cardiologist, moving from BP of 160/100mmHg to just one tablet and all complications disappeared within less than 3 months

Chioma, Ilorin, Kwara

40-year-old woman reverses 155/105 pregnancy-induced high blood pressure, leg swelling and insomnia within less than three months and has remained drug-free with BP of 108/78mmHg more than one year later

Mrs O, United Kingdom

60 year old mother reverses stubborn high blood pressure requiring three drugs daily and moving from blood pressure of 160/102mmHg to 100/78mmHg on 5mg one drug within less than 6 months

Mrs. Vera, Lagos, Nigeria

58 year old retired father moves from BP of 140/90 while on 2 drugs to 122/70 on just 1 drug. Libido boosted, Weight shed of 6kg, Chest enlargement and chest stiffness disappeared while cholesterol dropped without drugs all in JUST 3 MONTHS!

Mr G, Lagos State.

28 year old lady reverses whitecoat hypertension and moves from 2 drugs to just one Tablet (5mg), yet BP lower than when she was on two meds!

Nakia, Mississippi, United states

This black beauty reverses stubborn genetic high blood pressure (affecting grandma and mum), constant headaches and insomnia within less than 2 months and has maintained baby-like BP of 100/70 WITHOUT DRUGS for more than seven months now.

Mrs Nkem, Abuja, Nigeria

Registered Nurse moves from BP 160/100 to 135/75mmHg while dropping ALL THREE DRUGS! within just 3 months ONLY

Mrs I. Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

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