Why Does Your Blood Pressure Remain High Despite All You Have Tried?

Why Does Your Blood Pressure Remain High Despite All You Have Tried?

Blood Pressure Remain High Despite All You Have Tried

What is Resistant High blood Pressure?

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, high blood pressure that does not respond well to aggressive medical treatment is considered resistant or stubborn. For instance, if you currently swallow more than two or three drugs for high blood pressure control and yet your blood pressure reading at rest is still above normal range of 110/140/70-90mmHg, then this is an easy indication for you, that you might be experiencing resistant high blood pressure.

Why Does Your Blood Pressure Remain High Despite ALL You Have Tried?

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How is Resistant Hypertension Diagnosed?

Are you wondering if yours is resistant or not, here is a checklist of how you can know you have resistant hypertension. When ALL of the following are true

  • Do you take three different blood pressure medications at their maximally tolerated doses?
  • Do you take a diuretic (which removes fluid and salt from the body) as one of the blood pressure medications you take?
  • Is your blood pressure still above your IDEAL goal—(usually 130/80 mmHg, although individual goals should be discussed with your doctor)?
  • Do you require four or more medications to be able to control your blood pressure?

This uncontrolled high blood pressure comes with a substantially increased risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure, according to the World Health Organization.

Why Is My Blood Pressure Still High on Medication?

This is a question many people ask all the time.

There are so many reasons and just as I explained in the video, the that the underlying problem is two levels deep.

However, before we go into that, worthy of double emphasis is this:

If your blood pressure is still high after taking medication, this is a sign of uncontrolled hypertension which you MUST NEVER IGNORE to avoid bigger complications in the (near) future.

The two Major Reasons are:

  1. About Hypertension as a disease
  2. About YOU – your approach and your understanding)

I go into depth in the video on how to handle both factors. This will help you immediately control your blood pressure better. You will also remove the immediate deep risk associated with the stubborn high blood pressure.

Treating Stubborn High Blood Pressure

As you already know, we are all about high blood pressure reversal.

Therefore, from experience, instead of heaping on more medications, especially as the multiple medications are not translating into better control, there is need for a holistic approach to better blood pressure control.

This would involve

  1. Determine your blood pressure at rest. If extremely high, your Doctor would still have to adjust your medications to find your optimal type and dosage
  2. Addressing any conditions that may have caused or are compounding the hypertension.
  3. Using the High BP Reversal Method to immediately stop the hypertension from getting worse and then start to REVERSE IT.

The High BP Reversal Method is a Tried, Tested and Proven Strategy to ultimately TREAT the stubborn or resistant hypertension. The beautiful thing about this approach is that you treat and crush the underlying problem from the roots.

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