Expert Explains How Smoking And Drinking Can Increase Your Blood Pressure Numbers

Expert Explains How Smoking And Drinking Can Increase Your Blood Pressure Numbers

Smoking And Drinking Can Increase Your Blood Pressure

Smoking And Drinking Can Increase Your Blood Pressure – Stimulants may give your body a much-needed energy boost, but these products can also hurt your health. Experts have often stated that smoking and alcohol consumption can damage organs and lead to respiratory problems and high cholesterol levels.

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Shedding more light on this nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee shared an Instagram post. The nutritionist explains how alcohol and smoking can lead to high blood pressure levels. She talks about how smoking and alcohol consumption increase high blood pressure levels:

1. Smoking can lead to a significant rise in blood pressure within two minutes of intake. It adversely affects the heart as well.

2. Alcohol consumption is also linked to high blood pressure. Your BP will go up if you drink excessively.

3. Type A personalities or people who are prone to aggression, internal stress, and competitiveness, generally suffer from hypertension and begin drinking as a means of relief from their tension. But, increasing alcohol intake and drinking excessively can be lethal. Balance is the key when it comes to alcohol consumption.  A small amount of alcohol (one or two 30ml pegs) once or twice a week may help you to unwind, but excessive consumption only aggravates your health problems.

In case you suffer from high blood pressure, Anjali Mukerjee suggests some natural ways to control your BP levels. The nutritionist suggests that making some changes in your lifestyle can help control high blood pressure. This includes avoiding smoking and drinking.

Including magnesium supplements, increasing intake of celery and garlic, and walking are some ways to keep blood pressure under control, she adds.

According to the nutritionist, people can control their blood pressure levels by making simple changes in their lifestyle and diet. Proper stress management, an active lifestyle and a healthy diet are some ways to combat the issue.

Smoking And Drinking Can Increase Your Blood Pressure

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