How to Completely Reverse High Blood Pressure Naturally within 90 Days

How to Completely Reverse High Blood Pressure Naturally within 90 Days

Reverse High Blood Pressure Naturally

Reverse High Blood Pressure Using this Secret Formula

If you have ever typed these words into a search engine asking how to reverse high blood pressure,

High blood pressure reversal

High blood pressure reversal secrets

Is high blood pressure reversible without medication

Is there a way to reverse high blood pressure?

Can one reverse high blood pressure?

Then you are going to absolutely love the deep secrets I reveal here

Warning: This is going to be the single most comprehensive and detailed article you’d ever read about one of the most asked questions in the world, on ‘how to reverse high blood pressure naturally’. So grab a cup of coffee, relax, and dive in, because it’s going to be a long detailed read you should have paid for, but you’re getting totally FREE.

Oh, you could also grab a pen and paper, but if you are like most people, by the time you get midway, you’d wish you had a single-page summary or checklist of ALL the points mentioned here. I thought about you and I created this simple checklist to help you with that, you can download it as well, and let’s dive right in!

High BP Reversal Checklist

The Ultimate Checklist: High BP Reversal Phases & Steps

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If you didn’t already know why this question about reversing high blood pressure is such a big deal, it is because hypertension affects nearly one-quarter of the world’s population according to the World Health Organization – 1 in 4 men, 1 in 5 women are affected. And most of all these people are looking for a way out!

So if it makes you feel any better, you are not alone dear friend!

And that is why we have taken the time to document and reveal this secret on how to reverse high blood pressure here on open source in order to save more lives.

What I am about to reveal to you on this page, I discovered and experienced its power and efficacy firsthand with my over 70-year-old father. I have shared this a couple of times in my talks and on our webinars. How my father went from being totally drug dependent for managing his high blood pressure, excruciating arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis pains, and hypercholesteremia to becoming completely weaned off all these drugs.

Today, over seven years later, he still does not take daily medications for high blood pressure yet at his age, his blood pressure is hardly ever above 140/90mmHg. I have been teaching people my findings on the several aspects of how to create mind-blowing, mainstream science-defying bodily transformations like this since 2017 and several hundred have been able to successfully use it to re-write their stories and completely get free from such painful and devastating diagnoses. You too can be FREE from high blood pressure, dear friend, When you TAKE ACTION from today.

I hope that by putting this out here, we at Hypertension Africa can significantly impact a large portion of the estimated 1.28 billion men and women worldwide who are affected by this disease.

So, please do me a favor, if you find this article enlightening and full of transformative secrets pay it forward/ Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you, and simply SHARE this blog post. Let’s save more lives together!

Here’s a run-down of what we will cover in this post:

Should You Reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally or REVERSE It???

should you reverse high blood pressure

When I searched for the term ‘how can I lower my blood pressure naturally’, there were over a million write-ups on the topic but mostly a rehash of the same old ‘general advice or tips’ which hardly translated into tangible results or significant progress in anyone’s life.

Hence our focus in this article is on ‘high blood pressure reversal’ which when done right, will change your life forever!

To drive home this point, picture this. If you take beet root juice right now, it will definitely lower your blood pressure because it has blood vessels relaxation effect. But does this mean that by this time tomorrow, your blood pressure would still be within normal range?

If you’ve taken this before or in fact any of those remedies or herbal mixtures, then you already know the answer. And if you don’t let me save you the disappointment now. By this time tomorrow, when the effect of the remedy must have worn off, your blood pressure would jump back up to where it was just before you took the potion.

Yes or No?

In this case, you are left with just two options, continue taking your drugs every day so as to keep lowering your blood pressure OR continue taking the herbal remedy mix that can keep lowering it. Some even add the third option of ‘doing nothing and stopping everything altogether’, which is very deadly and is the reason hypertension still remains the World’s number one killer disease. Don’t ever pick number 3, whatever you do.

This sad reality of people going around in circles is the reason we at Hypertension Africa, have taken it a step further to show you a way – in fact, the only way – for you to normalize your blood pressure and get it to remain so, days, weeks, months and even years later!

So that you would not need to swallow drugs every day to do the job for you.

This secret formula on how to reverse high blood pressure is what we have termed the High Blood Pressure Reversal Method ™

Who Is this High Blood Pressure Reversal For?

For the avoidance of doubt, this High Blood Pressure  Reversal Method ™ is NOT for everybody (even though I know in my heart that it is beneficial to any and every- one who uses it).

It is NOT for you IF:

  • you are completely okay with swallowing your drugs daily and it is not a big deal for you
  • you do not experience any adverse effects at all and are happy with the way you feel
  • you do not entertain any fears at all of this hypertension disease or possible complications 
  • you are skeptical about anything ‘high blood pressure reversal or treatment’, because you have believed that it can never be cured and you can never be free and have accepted your fate of living with it and managing it the best way you can for the rest of your life

That’s completely fine and we do not wish to impose our own methods on you for an issue you have made up your mind about what you have made peace with. 

However, if you are still reading past this point, it tells me something about you. You are more open-minded and are in search of a solution that works and when you see one, you are willing to commit to it.

Based on all the different persons we have worked with in the past, here are some of the biggest reasons many people embrace the high BP reversal method. Perhaps you can relate to some of their experiences too.’

High blood pressure reversal is for you if:

  • You have struggled with high blood pressure for several years (perhaps you can’t even recall how long anymore)
  • You’ve been recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, but you don’t ever want it in your life and are willing to do anything to ‘reject and cancel this your Doctor’s verdict’
  • You’re currently on anti-hypertensive medications but they’re giving you a lot of adverse effects and discomfort. You feel like the drugs are ‘too strong’ for your body. After several drug changes and substitutions, you still haven’t found one which your body tolerates well. Some give you a cough, swollen feet, palpitations, poor libido, tiredness, red eyes etc. This is why you are in search of a more ‘natural’ and ‘easier on the body way’ of controlling your blood pressure.

  • Your problem is the drugs! You DO NOT WANT TO LIVE ON THESE DRUGS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. You are tired of daily swallowing mornings and some nights too. You have tried to trick your mind that they are just gummies and multivitamin jellies, but still. Most times you have to hide to swallow them, because you don’t want your kids watching you and asking, ‘mummy, daddy, are you sick?’ 

  • You have tried different natural remedies, expensive nutritional and herbal supplements, some smelly herbal concoctions, and different Chinese and imported teas and products, yet it doesn’t seem to be working. Although while using them you get some relief, the moment you stop, the symptoms reappear.

  • You’ve been watching what you eat. You have tried to ‘follow all the rules as far as eating healthily is concerned. So as it is, you are actually confused, because you can’t pinpoint what exactly you are doing wrong and why your blood pressure remains high despite the fact that you are not even fat.

  • You ignored your blood pressure all this while because you felt like taking your mind off it would make it go away. In fact when you stopped thinking about it, you felt slightly better. However the last time you accidentally checked at a routine medical screening you were shocked to see your blood pressure above 160/100mmHg even without you feeling any symptoms! Now you are forced to get back on the medications you threw away and that’s exactly why you are here looking for answers and another route to handle it without your living on medications for life.

  • You’re in very bad shape right now. Everyday you need to take up to four or five different medications for your blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleeplessness or insomnia, constant headache, palpitations, and some bit of dizziness. Your performance at work is decreasing but you are afraid of getting more medications that leave you feeling more unwell.

  • Your sex life is in trouble. From poor libido and erectile dysfunction to a fear of a heart attack while in the throes of passion, which is putting a huge strain on your relationship with your spouse.

  • The uncontrolled high blood pressure has caused your Doctor to warn you about getting pregnant, because it poses a great risk to your life and the unborn baby. You desperately want to grow your family by having another baby so you’re looking for how to control your blood pressure naturally and better.
  • You take your medications very religiously yet, the blood pressure is hardly ever less than 140/90mmHg. You don’t know what else to do.

  • In short, you have been living in fear and anxiety about the next moment. You know the dangers and complications that arise from years of hypertension. In fact you have lost a parent or sibling or close family friend to the cold hands of a stroke, hence your deepest  fear is for your life and what the future holds for your kids, if anything should happen to you unexpectedly. In fact, every night before you shut your eyes to sleep, you wonder if you are going to make it to the next morning….

I can truly understand the never ending struggle….

And if any of these scenarios is remotely familiar, then know that YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

At the end of this piece, I will share with you at least SEVEN different men and women (in their forties, fifties and even sixties) just like you who started at this point and made it to TOTAL FREEDOM, so you too can immediately see yourself keying into it and EMBRACING PURE  FREEDOM.

Now for you to totally understand what happens in your body and how this high BP reversal method works, let’s ensure you understand the basics

What is Hypertension or High Blood Pressure?

According to the World Health Organization, when you check your blood pressure at rest and it is above 140/90mmHg it is considered high blood pressure.

what is hypertension _WHO

In very simple terms, when a person has high blood pressure, it means that their own bodies are in a state of imbalance or disorganization or disarray and are unable to maintain the pressure of the blood flowing through their veins within the normal range. 

This is why the GOAL OF any high blood pressure management technique is to find a way to MAINTAIN the blood pressure within NORMAL RANGE at all times.

This immediately brings us to the principle behind the high BP Reversal method and why it is absolutely powerful and has the power to potentially set you completely free from high blood pressure.

Why this High Blood Pressure Reversal Method is Super Powerful?

In order to completely reverse high blood pressure you must follow a CLEARCUT STRATEGY. This is NOT a time to wing it, or ‘try your best’ or hope this works, you must follow laid down plan that has been tested, tried and proven to work across all ages and in many different complicated cases.

This is not a mere hashup of points, it is well designed to flow directly into one another.

The Three Phases of High Blood Pressure Reversal are:

  1. Mind Liberation
  2. Body Liberation
  3. Freedom Activation

Although these are 3 distinct phases, yet they are all inter-twined and are a continuous process.

Want our checklist that summarizes this entire high BP reversal method into phases and steps for you to follow at a glance? Click here to download it

download high bp reversal checklist

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PHASE ONE High BP Reversal: Mind Liberation

phase one high bp reversal

In order for you to reverse high blood pressure, you must SEE YOUR FREEDOM. Your freedom begins in your mind.

Please do not mistake this phase for that common belief that hypertension is caused by thinking too many thoughts, therefore when you stop thinking about your blood pressure it goes. That’s a big fat lie.

The mind liberation phase is the very first phase where you are just coming from a place of fear,  anxiety, not knowing what to do or where to start or if you are ever going to be okay etc but at the end of this phase you are completely CERTAIN that you will be free from high blood pressure. 

We have an in-house term for our clients, within the High Blood Pressure Reversal Program who have said YES to their freedom and have gone ahead to completely crush a disease as this, which everyone else has said is going to be a lifelong burden, we call them CHAMPIONS! 

Would you love to become a Champion too? We are set to create thousands and millions of champions. At the end of this post you get the chance to join our waitlist for the program, when we open it up periodically in the year to work closely with you to achieve this pure bliss.

To achieve complete mind liberation, you achieve it in three steps:

  1. The acknowledgement step
  2. The Triggers Identification Step
  3. The Mind Detox Step

I will give a brief summary of what happens in each of these steps

Step One: The Acknowledgement step

THE GOAL HERE IS: to establish how bad it is & how far away from the ‘normal’ you are

HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS IS: to answer many deep questions as HONESTLY as possible

Here are some of the questions you would answer:

  • what are ALL the symptoms you’re currently experiencing in your body that you don’t like (whether you feel they are related to your blood pressure or not)? How many are they? For example anxiety, the palpitations, constant headaches, sleepless nights, hot flashes, panic attacks, moving from one strength of a drug to double strength or your Doctor adding a new drug to your current prescription, poor libido etc)
  • How long since the very first time ever that you found your blood pressure was elevated?
  • How many medications do you currently take to achieve control or at least to get by daily?

BONUS TASK: Don’t just gloss through. Pull out your jotter and write down all the answers to these questions above.

  • Do you like what you see?
  • Are you happy?
  • If you don’t do anything today about what you have written out, what do you think would happen if you took this simple exercise five, ten years from now?

This is how you ACKNOWLEDGE THE PROBLEM so you can TAKE ACTION FAST to solve the problem before severe complications of uncontrolled hypertension catch up with you. (God forbid!)

Step Two: Identify All Your Triggers

THE GOAL HERE IS: to uncover ALL the areas in your life right now that are contributing to your blood pressure remaining high. These are the triggers you will work on eliminating one after the other as you progress with this high BP reversal method.

Hint: many of them you may not readily see (& are called hidden triggers) but as long as they are there you need to eliminate them all. If you join us for the FIGHT HYPERTENSION CHALLENGE or within our High BP Reversal Program, we usually dig deeper with you to uncover as many of them as possible. This is how we get to the roots!

HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS IS: to answer many deep questions as HONESTLY as possible and also use a BP Triggers Checklist to go over all the obvious ones.

We have a video training here where I shared up to ELEVEN different triggers / causes of high blood pressure. where you can begin our search from.

NINJA HACK: One of the temptations most people have at this step is to say ‘I’m already getting everything right.  I eat organic foods already, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. Maybe it’s just genetic. The real hack is knowing this TRUTH – If your blood pressure is high, there must be triggers, more like a foundation continuing to keep it up. Your job is to find ALL those triggers!

And of course, write them down again in that same jotter.

In the upcoming Fight Hypertension Challenge we will be going over all the hidden and obvious triggers for you and you’ll be using our checklist as well so I’ll cover that you can register here for the Challenge

The third and final step in this phase is the mind detox

Step Three: Mind Detox

THE GOAL HERE IS: to remove all doubt, negativity, shame, pain, fear, anxiety, panic and self-doubt from your mind, while replacing it with CERTAINTY. 

HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS IS: This step is based on the Manifestation Law of attraction which states that the object of our constant focus will manifest in our lives.

If you live in perpetual fear of the unknown, the law of manifestation states that you will manifest it (in time).

Conversely, what do you think would happen IF you flipped the scripts and started living in certainty that your body, your health and your blood pressure is getting better and better by the day? 

Your guess is as good as mine! You will get better and better (in time).


There are various detox practices you can engage in.

We teach our High BP Reversal Program clients various types of practices depending on their start points determined in Step One. 

I will share three here with you:

  • Actively practice gratitude. When you are in a constant state of gratitude, you keep expanding and finding more things to be happy and grateful about. Stop focusing on what’s not working! To do this effectively, get a journal or jotter and daily write down FIVE different things you are grateful for. Commit to this for the next thirty days and let’s see IF you won’t have up to 150 points for gratitude and if you won’t immediately start to feel better about yourself. It could be something as little as having an internet connection to be able to read this post or being grateful for seeing another day with your family. Just keep thinking and documenting

  • Affirmations– make positive affirmations daily about your health. So, instead of saying things like ‘this high BP is killing me’, how about you say, ‘I enjoy perfect BP control every single day’, ‘I am crushing high BP easily’, ‘I enjoy working my body back to normal’ etc. Say these positive words out loud to yourself daily. One little known secret is that your words are like self-fulfilling prophecy, so this is why you must rewire your thoughts AND WORDS to be in total alignment with your New Goal and Desire of completely becoming free from high blood pressure and complications.

  • Believe in your Body – There are different levels of belief that you’d need if you want to successfully reverse high blood pressure from your life. However, I decided to stress this because if you are reading this and do not believe it is possible for your own body to undergo this regeneration and renewal, then it is completely futile. You can as well stop reading now and log off this page, because nothing I share here will work for you if you don’t believe it will. Your job is to believe that you can reverse high blood pressure from your body

Do you believe in your body now?

Let’s do a simple exercise: 

Take a step back now and think about how you felt about your health and blood pressure just before you started reading this blog post. 

Were you afraid for your life or scared about the future when you think about your blood pressure?

How about now?

How do you feel having read through this mind liberation phase of the method? 



A bit more confident that you would be better in time?

That is exactly the true, unbelievable power of this High BP Reversal method!

Wait till you completely immerse yourself in the simple, yet powerful mind detox practices which hasten your healing through the power of your mind.

Remember to Download the Ultimate High BP Reversal Stages and Steps Checklist to help summarize this lesson for you and keep you on track. Click here

High BP Reversal checklist


Body Liberation

Now that you have moved from a place of fear, anxiety and uncertainty to a place of happiness, certainty and resolve to getting better, we take it a step further by beginning to actively work on your body.

Many people when they decide they want to control their blood pressure naturally they are actually asking to jump into this phase. They ask questions like, ‘could you just tell me what to eat and what to avoid for my blood pressure to remain normal?’ forgetting the fundamentals which we went over in phase one,

If you followed any of our previous trainings then you should already know our common myst-bursting saying – 

Eating to lower high blood pressure is NOT the same as Eating healthy.

General ‘eating healthy’ is what EVERYBODY should be doing, while if you already have high blood pressure you need to switch to ‘eating to lower high blood pressure’

This phase two is where you get to work on and strike off ALL the triggers and unpleasant realities you uncovered in Phase One. So if you did the tasks well in Phase One, much of the weightlifting is already done. 

Hint: eliminating all the modifiable triggers invariably makes the the non-modifiable triggers like age and pregnancy meaningless. 

Learn more about high blood pressure triggers in this video training here,

This phase is equally achieved in three steps:

  1. The Full Body Detox
  2.  Meal Planning to Lower your blood pressure 
  3. Use Body Fitness

Step One: Full Body Detox

THE GOAL HERE IS: to clean out your body, digestive system, small and large intestines and colon, liver, kidneys and also prime your body to receive all the other healing foods and changes you would be making in this phase.

Hint: do not do this with detox pills or supplements or potions.

HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS IS: the simplest way to describe this is to EAT ONLY RAW FOODS for the next 3-7 days (depending on your stamina and dedication). By raw foods we mean fruits and vegetables and nothing cooked. These foods contain detoxifying natural chemicals and antioxidants.

NINJA HACK: Pregnant women or breastfeeding moms should not engage in this. Also people living with peptic ulcer disease must be careful not to go hungry even during this phase. Also, very close monitoring of the blood pressure must be done during this period to avoid a sharp decrease in the blood pressure. If you are extremely hungry, you could eat a protein meal at night.

Full body detox, as our clients do it, differs from simple water detox, fasting or food deprivation. In fact we  use ALL methods of detox to clean out our bodies within the High BP Reversal Program, We also provide a detailed step by step Detox Guide, shopping lists, recipes and detox meal plan for our clients.

Step Two: Meal Planning to Lower your blood pressure 

THE GOAL HERE IS: to ensure that everything that goes into your mouth is contributing to your new Goal of becoming FREE from high blood pressure. 

Hint: this is beyond following a fad diet or starving or cutting out starchy foods!

HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS IS: the simplest way to describe this is to EAT foods, drink juices, use spices that all contribute to lowering your blood pressure naturally.

We recommend the SAM Strategy to guide in the choice of what goes in. The SAM Strategy stands for Subtract ALL high BP- inducing foods, Add ALL high BP lowering items while Modifying ALL edibles to make the most of them in lowering your blood pressure. 

For instance you could modify your cooking methods from constant frying to boiling or steaming which better preserve the nutrients and healing powers of your food.

If you would love our pre-built food program containing our meal plan based on FOUR different diet plans to help you in controlling your blood pressure. Feel free to order our BP Foodie Bundle

NINJA HACK: Do not use supplements at this stage

Step Three: Raise your Physical Fitness Levels

THE GOAL HERE IS: to raise your heart rate, condition your heart and muscles and if you are overweight or obese, to shed the extra weight so as to improve your blood pressure control.

Hint: it does not have to be extra strenuous exercise.

HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS IS: Commit to a daily routine of at least 15 minutes everyday. The initial goal is CONSISTENCY & not INTENSITY. When you are now consistent and showing up for yourself daily you can then increase the intensity and duration, depending on your Triggers uncovered in Phase One above.

NINJA HACK: Choose your exercise type based on your start point. A morbidly obese man should not start with skipping or fast running till his muscles are well conditioned. In essence, start gently and grow into it to avoid emergencies.


(Grab your Checklist) – Are you at risk of a heart attack? In the High BP Reversal Checklist you get  this assessment as well. Click to download now                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

High bP Reversal Checklist



High BP Reversal Freedom Activation

In this third and final phase basically you want to make sure that you are accelerating the results you are getting from the first two phases and getting closer to your BP freedom date where you are now free from daily drugs and ugly feelings in your body.                    


The 3 Steps Under this Stage include: 

  1. Strategic Supplementation
  2. Track Like a Pro
  3. Go for Your Doctor’s Review

Step One: Strategic Supplementation 

THE GOAL HERE IS:   to consciously make up for ALL the nutrients you NEED to repair your body which you cannot possibly get solely from your meals. You also STRATEGICALLY supplement in order to tackle all other presenting symptoms or adverse effects you may experiencing like sleep problems, arthritic pains, poor libido IF at this point they still have not resolved after phases one and two.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Hint: Natural plant-based supplements are MORE potent and useful at this stage than drugstore artificial supplements.

HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS IS: It is best to work with an expert to establish ALL and any presenting discomfort so they can work out with you, what you should supplement with. Also choose micronutrients like Vitamin C and fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants etc.

NINJA HACK: Beware of duplicating nutrients from multiple products to avoid micronutrients toxicity. Choosing products with multiple nutrient constituents would make swallowing and the pill burden easier. And if you are already doing so well with your numbers at this point, you may skip much supplementation.

B. Step Two: Track Like a Pro

THE GOAL HERE IS: to monitor your blood pressure closely as you commence on a lifestyle and nutrition-based transformation program as this. Remember, what gets monitored gets managed.

Hint: Track the trends and not just the actual numbers you get. The trends will let you know IF you are getting better or not. Do a 30 Day countdown first and then proceed from there.

HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS IS: write down the date, time, take multiple readings, (I prefer 3) and also write down Comments, trying to explain your numbers as to why they are high or low or normal based on your day’s encounters or activities.

NINJA HACK: Write it down everyday. You would need your BP Transformation Tracksheets when going for your Doctor’s reviews.

C. Go for Your Doctor’s Review

THE GOAL HERE IS: to visit the same Doctor or cardiologist who has managed your blood pressure over time, for them to re-examine you and confirm that you are indeed getting better. They might also find that indeed you have reversed your high blood pressure and no longer need to swallow daily drugs.

Hint: You visit when you are getting irrefutably evident great blood pressure numbers.

HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS IS: Take your tracksheets along with you, and show your Doctor so they can observe the trend of your readings over time and it would be evident that it is not merely a coincidental good reading, but that you have maintained the numbers over time. 

NINJA HACK: Prepare well for this visit. Ensure YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR EMOTIONS. We teach our clients to use advanced relaxation, meditation and visualization techniques to ace this visit, especially for those who experience white coat hypertension or anxiety when they walk into their Doctor’s office. 

If you would love for us to give you this kind of extensive support every step of the way as you use this High BP Reversal Method to get your health back, then APPLY to Join us in the High BP Reversal Program. Join the Waitlist here and you would be notified once we open up registration.

Summary: How to Reverse High Blood Pressure Naturally without Drugs

Here you have the high blood pressure reversal secret(s) as promised.

So what do you do with this information?

As you and I know, information is meaningless IF it doesn’t translate into tangible results and transformation in your life.


  1. Do not say I am doing this already and yet it is not working. If your blood pressure still remains high despite believing you are getting it right, then that means YOU ARE NOT GETTING RIGHT. You need to use a working Strategy. Start by joining our upcoming Fight Hypertension Challenge for more eye-opening experience on the Application of this tested, tried and proven method on how to reverse high blood pressure naturally.

2. This process outlined here is the THEORY of PRACTICAL. While implementation may not take a ‘straight line’ but would definitely require some bit of tweaks and customization to suit your own personal needs, job routine, age, presenting symptoms, etc.

3. This is deep work from the inside out. How long do you think it would take you to completely reverse high blood pressure and its years of damage to your body? If you said 30 days, that’s very ambitious. Although you must notice a lot of positive signs once you commence, we ALWAYS RECOMMEND you give yourself a 90-day countdown period to freedom!


Join the Fight Hypertension challenge

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As promised,

Here are just a few of the hundreds of people just like you who have used these outline three phases to normalize their blood pressure and many of them have stopped using medications, in line with their Doctor’s recommendations.

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