Our Programs

Our Programs

High BP Reversal Program (HBR Program)

Are you 40+?
Have you had high blood pressure (with other conditions) for over five years?
This 3-month complete body repair and holistic healing program is designed to wean you off everyday drugs, and restore all-round normalcy to YOU.

We focus on eliminating concerns with your sleep, energy levels and all adverse effects and signs of complications including breathlessness, palpitations, generalized body pains, regular headaches, chest heaviness, high blood cholesterol, obesity or overweight affecting your quality of life!

We work alongside you as our personalized project, giving you all-round support, guides, trainings, follow-up and accountability to make it super easy for you to achieve true freedom in record time!
However, because this is a personalized 1-on1 program, we only admit 5 persons per time, after we have had a conversation with you to determine IF you’re a fit for the program or not.

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BP Mastery Workshop

This is for YOU – No matter how long or how severe the case of hypertension has lasted. Within 3 days only, we immerse you into the high BP reversal methodology and customize your journey for you.

The Workshop is a Live Interactive Online 3-Day Program that will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to master your body and crush your high blood pressure without taking any drug in 30 days or less.
This opens up monthly.

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BP Foodie Bundle

Have you been recently diagnosed with hypertension in less than 2 years?
The BP Foodie Bundle helps you clean up your diet so you can eat to lower your blood pressure faster.

This is the ONLY Food Course you ever need that answers the questions – what should I eat, avoid, drink, have for snacks to lower my BP.

It comes with a

  • SAM-based Meal plan (based on 3 different diet plan combinations) and
  • a Daily short Challenge video sent to you daily for the first 7 days!

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Weekly Wednesday Coaching Calls

Even if you are unable to decide which of our programs is the best fit for you right now, you can still join us for our Next Wednesday LIVE Coaching Call – COMPLETELY FREE

Plus you get to ASK all your questions & get answered!

No Replays however so you must show up LIVE – 9pm WAT!!!

Join over 1.7k others and be part of our thriving wellness community