If You Have High Blood Pressure And Have Been Trying Everything to CONTROL it for Many Years

Then, pay attention to this right now…

Drugs, Supplements & Herbs Cannot Cure, Normalize or Even Reverse Your High Blood Pressure…

Not Today, Not Tomorrow, Not Ever...

Until You Start Paying Attention To The ‘HBR Strategy’
Your Body Needs To Effectively STOP and REVERSE
the PROGRESSION of your high BP
and remove its  Deadly effects from Your System.

This new, safe and natural method has helped over 800 people with chronic high blood pressure like you take back their lives….

without supplements or daily drugs or tiring concoctions whatsoever.

..And it can help you too

…And if you really want to live longer and healthier,

without the risk of heart attacks, stroke, and even death,

please pay attention to this letter.

But first…

You are seeing this letter  because you either

==> Went through the 7 Days Fight Hypertension Challenge or ANY of our other Trainings or Webinar!

==> Attended one of our Trainings

==> Watched our Webinar

==> or got a friendly invitation through a link.

By now, you already know


By now, you should also know that you can live a healthy life
free from high BP by using the right information.



The 7 days’ challenge, training, or webinar must have opened your eyes to the possibility that reversing high BP without any form of medication is 100% possible, right?

Now it’s time for you to take it personal.

It is time for you to own the healing process.

It is time to arm yourself with more knowledge that helps you manage hypertension yourself without any external help.

That’s why I created this BP CRUSHING PROGRAM

This program has equipped well over 800 men and women to reverse their High blood pressure from the comfort of their homes.

On a daily basis, it has helped them structure their lives in such a way that…

They reverse Hypertension, maintain their blood pressure at normal levels, and go on to live a healthy life like nothing ever happened.

Now it’s your TURN.

It’s your turn to use this self-help program to engineer YOUR healing from the inside out.

It doesn’t matter if the HIGH BP has been existing for 2,3,5 years.

As long as you desire Healing and…

And you commit to APPLY what you are taught, you will Reverse and Normalize your Blood pressure.

Just so you can live a good, healthy life again:

With This Self Help Method, you will…


It doesn’t matter if your high blood pressure was triggered by :

This Self-help method will normalize your blood pressure in weeks if you follow instructions.

So, who am I to tell you what to do?
And why should you listen to me?

My name is Pharm Chibuamam Ilechukwu, I am the Founder of Hypertension Africa with over a decade of Clinical Experience

I have helped over 800 men and women reverse and normalize their Blood Pressure without swallowing drugs, supplements, and herbal teas.

You see…

Before Now,

My Life was normal & simple.

The idea of Helping Hypertensive patients on a large scale never crossed my mind until…

7:29 pm, August 29 2012.

My Barrister Uncle who was instrumental in my getting into the University & studying Pharmacy had a stroke….

I have never felt hopeless like that in my entire life.

That’s why Helping you reverse BP is a passion project.

Because —

It can be reversed and normalized and…

No one has to die or suffer from it.

As a health practitioner, I knew about the dangers of Hypertension.

I also taught people how to avoid it.

But His case was somewhat extreme.


At exactly 7:29 pm, uncle FRED slumped in his Kitchen.

On getting to the hospital, the doctor found out that he had high blood pressure…

And it had caused a stroke.

Uncle FRED could not move almost half of his body

We had to take turns feeding him.

29 days down the line,

His case was not improving as we wanted it to.

I was scared. Even more scared when I saw the recent statistics by W.H.O.

Over 10 million deaths are attributed to hypertension.

These deaths were more in in poorly-equipped and inadequately-staffed health centers where hypertensive patients were poorly managed.

The good thing was that we were in a good hospital.

Thankfully he had proper healthcare.

He FINALLY recovered from the stroke but…

He had to keep taking those drugs for his blood pressure.

Now the drug helped

but it was not sustainable.

If he misses the drug…

After a while…

The hypertensive Attack came back worse.


The Doctors informed his wife the same story we all know –

He had to keep swallowing those drugs as there was no other option.

You see…

The problem with those drugs is the LONG TERM adverse side effects

What they do to the body after using them for a long time…

Sometimes these adverse effects show up immediately, other times after several years.

Have you noticed severe headaches, dizziness, poor erection, etc?

I was not happy seeing my Uncle practically depending on drugs to stay alive.

One day he got fed up and stopped the drugs.

After two weeks of business, marriage, and church stress, he almost died of a heart attack.

He was almost gone in a split second.

This was what triggered me…

The fear of losing a bosom friend or a Family because anyone can be a Victim.

Even my Father was almost a victim too.

In short, every family has it!

The WHO says one in five men suffers from this disease.

This is one of the strings of experiences that fueled my WHY

I decided to take it personally and look for a lasting solution.

I took it up as a challenge and…

Enrolled in several hypertension projects that had me interact with over 1000 patients.

In May 2021,

I got featured in the World Virtual Congress… Hypertension Canada in Africa

During the pandemic,

We interacted with hyertensive patients across Africa and helped cut down on their hospital visits.

After that experience,

I picked up even more helpful lessons & Strategies.

Which I documented and…

It all pointed to the same thing we already had…

Drugs, supplements & Herbal tea does not address the ROOT CAUSE of high blood pressure..

It is obvious.

If not, you should be doing well by now.

You see…

This Herbal tea and supplements prescribed for hypertension only deals with the symptoms, NOT THE ROOT CAUSE.

That’s why they Don’t give lasting results.

Just temporary Relief.

Even The Medications, Too.

Although our doctors still prescribe them,

They only buy you some FREE time.

Most of all, no matter how potent the drug, their BP losing effects last only 24 hrs…

… and by the next morning,

You have to take another dose for the day.

This is true for you, isn’t it?

Bad enough,

The idea is to keep you coming back to buy.

*** Because they know it won’t give you a lasting solution.

And the more you buy the more money they make.***

Hence the doctor told you: “you will have to take it for the rest of your life.”

Think about it….

You can’t be treating hypertension like malaria,

And expect a different result.

But you see… For you to live a little bit of normal life,

You HAD to keep taking those medications coupled with their side effects.


If you are going to reverse & normalize HIGH BP,

The first step is to DEAL WITH THE ROOT CAUSE.

And dealing with the Root cause starts first with YOU

It starts with your Mind.

You have to first believe that high BP can be reversed

But you already KNOW THIS , don’t you?

This has been STRESSED in the 7 Day Challenge and in ALL our Webinars and Training Sessions.

I know you are tired of trying different treatments.

And that is WHY you are here.

Scrolling down this page

Reading this off your screen

Deep down you know there HAS TO BE a better solution for it aside from drugs.


I feel your pain,

I also feel your fears.

I know you have been sold fake products but that shouldn’t stop you.

With this proven self-driven method I had to create for you


You missed getting in on the 3-month High BP Reversal Coaching and Mentorship Program where we work with you every step of the way


And you have the permission to GO AHEAD & DO IT YOURSELF using our Framework, Guides, and Resources.

No more Guess Work,
No more excuses,
No more procrastination,
Just Plug ‘n’ Play Style…

It is for YOU
I created this Self-driven Program
for Reversing BP Yourself CALLED


The DIY BP Crushing Program is a SELF PACED PROGRAM

It’s a complete 3 days guide where I TEACH YOU how to crush your BP level by yourself

The program helps you identify the triggers of HIGH BP and…

It gives you SPECIFICS & and step-by-step what I would do to reverse that hypertension if I were in your shoes.

Consider this as a self-paced, condensed version of our 3-months High BP Reversal Program

We give you ALL that you Must do step-by-step…

And you get to TAKE DAILY ACTIONS…


The Program package includes:


The AIM of this PROGRAM is to help you achieve 2 BASIC Goals:

Fast forward…

This program has helped over 700 men and women already crush HIGH BP without consuming drugs.

Remember FRED, my Uncle?

We eventually lost him

One day, he just slumped.

And poof!

He was gone… just like that…

We were told it was a hemorrhagic stroke.
It gave him no chance!

It hurt & still hurts me like hell because I had just graduated from the University.

Perhaps if it had been now, I might still be able to help him.

And he’d still be here for his son and daughter that he left behind in primary school.

He’d still might have been here for the rest of us.

But that loss, that grief became my driving force.

No more careless, needless, painful deaths from something that COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED.

For me, if I can save many more Freds, Benjamins, and Priscillas…

and many more men and women who have a history of hypertension and…

Who are tired of swallowing unending drugs.

Then I would have contributed my quota here on earth

The results have really been outstanding…
The experience has been quite overwhelming…


Here are 3 Simple Reasons Why This BP CRUSHING PROGRAM Is Effective?

  • It targets the root cause of the high blood pressure in your body: It stops the progression of the disease and reverses it. This is different from the common practice.
  • It focuses on healing your body from inside out: 
    No other method ever does this.
    The result is your own healed body relearns to control the blood pressure by itself such that you will no longer need pills to achieve that anymore!

This is how those other people have been able to get off everyday medications and clear all the adverse effects and complications.

Their bodies have been doing the job perfectly well for them.

  • It is specific to you:
    You are the one with the problem, you know your body better than anyone else. you get to apply the strategy on yourself based on your exact needs and you heal yourself-
    Nobody can do it better than you. Just Follow ALL the instructions given.

Here is the Breakdown of what you will learn when you Enroll for the Do-It-Yourself BP CRUSHING PROGRAM


How to lower your Blood pressure Fast using Mind Liberation Strategies.

  • Acknowledge your start point:

Over 90% of people live in denial and continue to say they are doing better than they actually are.

Here you have to SPELL it all OUT! identify everything that this high BP has caused and cost you over the years.

So you can answer the Question- How Bad is it?

This is also YOUR FIRST STEP to freedom because you cannot crush what you do not acknowledge.

  • Uncover All Your Triggers:

What is your trigger number?

How many things in your life right now are contributing to pushing up your blood pressure?

Hint- most people find at least five more than they could identify on their own after this section- these are Hidden Triggers.

When you uncover all your triggers, your problem is 95% solved.

  • Mental Detox – Crush your high blood pressure using your mind as a weapon:

Learn the three levels deep technique of overcoming high blood pressure from your mind…

Including all sources of stress-

whether it is job-related, family, relationship stress,

the loss of a loved one or heartbreak, divorce,

or severe painful conditions.

Learn specific techniques like the CCR Techniques,

Mind Mapping & Power Morning Routines, and others, to help you become free from high BP much faster than you ever thought possible.


How To Repair and Completely Heal Your Body.

  • How to do a full body detox for High BP Reversal

Learn how to prepare a deep cleanse at home so that you clean out years of drug metabolite buildup, stress, inflammation, painful conditions, and free radicals wear and tear without supplements.

This deep cleanse makes you feel LIGHTER immediately and start sleeping better.
Clean out all your organs- Skin, liver, kidney, digestive tract and colon, stomach, etc using our guide.

  • How to plan your meals, drinks, spices using the S.A.M strategy

Learn how to powerfully subtract – Add – Modify your everyday meals to specifically lower your blood pressure

So that you can immediately start getting better BP like 120/80mmHg.

  • How to use 15 minutes exercise only to control your blood pressure:

With just 15 mins daily without registering at the gym!

No matter how busy you are, you can effortlessly become fit and ‘shed weight’ if you have to while controlling your BP.


How to maintain your Normalized BP Going Forward, You Must Have this.

  • How to use STRATEGIC supplementation for faster BP control:

Learn how & when to strategically ADD the right combination of micronutrients and natural supplements so that you speed up your body healing.

Never take supplements BEFORE this time. A

lso, learn Dangerous supplements MISTAKES to AVOID and the best for detoxifying your body, boosting your immunity, strengthening your heart and improving your blood flow, etc.

  • How to track your blood pressure like a Pro:

Learn everything you must Do, Include & Avoid when tracking your numbers so that your Doctor can easily take off your drugs at the right time.

You also get our own customized BP Transformation Tracker to make it easier for you.

  • Ready for your Doctor’s Review:

Learn When & How to visit your Doctor so that they can review and reduce or completely your prescription drugs.

There are things to TAKE with YOU and prepare with, especially if you’ve ever had whitecoat hypertension.


All You Need to Access This Program Is Your Smartphone & Internet Connection.

The program is a combination of Recorded videos and PDF downloads

The videos are short and simple.

No long talk,

No much drama.

All you need to do is…

Log in, download if you want and play the videos.

You watch and implement STEP BY STEP and see your BP drop so FAST.

With Just 1 HOUR a day for 3 days (TODAY as Day 1), you can Go Through the program.


I know you are busy so let me share a simple tip on how to watch your videos.

If you can reserve 1 HOUR a day, you can complete the program in 3 days. But you don’t have to finish it in 3 days.

Remember it’s a self-paced program.

The videos will be with you forever.

So with even 30 mins a day, you can make great progress.

Especially if you are tired of Swallowing drugs and want a better solution.

Which is what is in this DIY BP CRUSHING PROGRAM.

What It will COST YOU if you DON’T TAKE Advantage of The BP CRUSHING PROGRAM Today.

Let me help you understand how valuable this program is.


If you decide to continue taking drugs and herbal tea,

The average amount you will spend per month is N35,000.

And remember that…

They are not a lasting solution.

Herbal tea and supplements can only give you TEMPORARY RELIEF.

This means you will have to keep buying every month for as long as possible.

So if you buy a STANDARD PLAN FOR N35,000

In 3 months that will be N35,000 * 3 = N105,000

In 12 months that will be N35,000 * 12 = N420,000

That’s just for supplements and herbal tea Alone.


You can’t always tell if what you are Buying is Good Quality.

Nowadays, more people have died from taking in FAKE PRODUCTS
than from their sickness.

NOW – Let’s Talk About Prescribed DRUGS.

Prescribed drugs are relatively safe because they’re given in Hospitals by doctors.

Even though we can’t rule out the fact that doctors also administer expired drugs.

The fact that these drugs won’t provide a lasting solution.
So you have to keep gulping them on a daily basis.
Without necessarily eradicating your blood pressure problems.
You see…
Those drugs also have some harmful effects on your body.
According to Healthline,

Hypertensive drugs cause adverse effects like:

Poor erection

So in the process of trying to help yourself, you create more health problems.

That’s why Investing in the DIY BP CRUSHING PROGRAM is the best decision YOU WILL MAKE TODAY.

The BP CRUSHING program doesn’t require drugs, supplements, or herbal tea.

The BP program is a knowledge-based program that shows you a practical strategy that has helped over 800 men and women.

All you have to do is PAY ONCE for the DIY BP CRUSHING PROGRAM.
And it becomes yours forever.
The knowledge remains with you forever.
All you need to do is implement what you learn inside.


The DIY BP CRUSHING PROGRAM: The Best Personal Health Investment You will Make Today.

As you already found out…

The least amount you will spend a year on drugs and herbal teas is N420,000.

But with the DIY BP CRUSHING PROGRAM, you only pay once

Here is the WORTH of what you are getting when you pay for the program today.

DAY 1: Mind Liberation Day
How to lower Your blood pressure FAST using Mind Liberation Strategies – WORTH N20,000

DAY 2: Body Liberation Day
How To Repair and Completely Heal your Body. – WORTH N25,000

DAY 3: Freedom Activation – How to maintain your Normal BP Going Forward – WORTH N45,000

You Also Have access to Mind Blowing Bonuses:

BONUS 1: Your BP Freedom Meal Plan – WORTH N19,000

BONUS 2: Learn over 50 uses of wonder Natural Spices – WORTH N30,000

BONUS 3: 11 Juices and drinks to lower your blood pressure Naturally – WORTH N18,000

BONUS 4: IDENTIFY the Best salt Replacements to use and still enjoy your meals. – WORTH 25,000

BONUS 5: How to Burn your stress using this power Morning Routine. – WORTH N12,000

BONUS 6: 3 Meal Planning secrets. – WORTH N23,000

BONUS 7: Lifetime Membership in an online wellness Community – HYPERTENSION AFRICA – WORTH N50,000

hypertension Africa Community

The total value of what you are getting in this program is worth N237,000

So, I was thinking of charging N237,000 for the program, and I will be justified.

But I won’t ask you to pay that much…

Because I want more people to access this knowledge.

The more people that can access it, the more people will be saved…

Saved from heart attacks

Saved from kidney diseases

Saved from dying.

That’s why…

Instead of paying N237,000…

I came up with ₦50,000 ($100) only
as The Regular Investment into the Program.

However, I want to make it a no brainer and easy for you…

AND AS PART OF MY DEDICATION to ensure that this program gets
Into as many hands and as FAST AS POSSIBLE TOO,

So, All you have to do to gain complete access to
If You Pay TODAY,
is to make a one-time investment of

₦34,999 / $29 ONLY

This offer is available strictly for the Next 72 hours
OR FOR THE NEXT 50 persons only, (whichever happens first….and trust me, hundreds visit this page DAILY)


After payment, you get FULL ACCESS To the program IMMEDIATELY.


This has opened my eyes to what I never knew about High Blood Pressure and I believe this strategy I am a champion

    MR. PAUL
    MR. PAUL

    From Bayelsa

    This challenge has made me take charge of my health without blaming or shifting responsibility to others, it brought an end to the age long emotional stress, and gave me the boldness to tackle my triggers.


      From Ogun


      Some Of Our Most Asked Questions…

      As you can already see, this program is head and shoulders above just foods and exercises.

      This Program is based on the super powerful high BP killer STRATEGY - the High BP reversal method™.

      And each of the 3 phases of mind, body and freedom, you have three steps you MUST TAKE.

      It is time to make the SHIFT from yo-yo dieting and exercising to High BP Reversal as the Program helps you.

      As you can already see, this program is head and shoulders above just foods and exercises.

      This Program is based on the super powerful high BP killer STRATEGY – the High BP reversal method™.

      And each of the 3 phases of mind, body and freedom, you have three steps you MUST TAKE.

      It is time to make the SHIFT from yo-yo dieting and exercising to High BP Reversal as the Program helps you.

      So if you already ‘watch what you eat’, yet your BP is still high, this is evidence that even though you believe you’ve been “eating healthy”, you have NOT been eating to REVERSE high blood pressure.

      This program comes with a pre-built Meal Plan to help you switch to using your food for high BP control, while the Lessons teach you a lot more beyond ‘just food’.

      Would you rather keep “watching what you eat” even though it has been failing you?

      First, the SAVINGS on this page is based on two conditions – first 50 or 3 days from now.

      So you only need to answer the question, how bad do I want this?

      Because, if you somehow fail to GET STARTED NOW, what do you think would happen 3,5, 10 years from now?

      Would you have more complaints, more drugs, more symptoms to deal with?

      If truly YOU KNOW YOU NEED THIS NOW, then the question should be,
      “How do I get to afford this right now?”

      Once you switch your question, the answers will show up and you will find How To GET IN NOW because trust me, this is the cheapest any of our core programs will ever be. (Oh and we don’t actually do cheap)

      We understand it may be slightly higher than you thought, but we FOCUS on transformation and not just shabby shortcuts. Our clients have come to appreciate this about us and are eternally grateful for the chance to get in at these rates.

      First, congrats on continuing to SEARCH for a solution to your problems UNTIL you get your RESULTS.

      Second, in all your search, have you ever tried the use of the High BP Reversal Method ™?

      If NO, then let’s get started

      What works is STRATEGY! Nothing else.

      Or don’t you want it to work for you?

      Everyone you see testifying, made up their minds that IT WOULD WORK FOR THEM.

      So, do you want it to WORK FOR YOU?

      That’s really all you need!
      we teach this in Lesson one- you need to detox all self-doubt and fears from your mind!
      100% of the people who have got these amazing results all had 100 % BELIEF, even though all other reports were looking bad. Their one true Belief was _ I am done with high BP – this is how i get FREE from high BP !!1 And this was how they had their breakthroughs!
      Besides the Real Question for you is, Are you READY to become FREE starting from today?
      If yes, the CLICK THE BUTTONS to send us a message and pay to enroll now

      Summary, when people pay they PAY ATTENTION

      And because we want you to not just PAY ATTENTION, but GET GOOD RESULTS, that’s why we have attached a tiny investment fee to it, so you can COMMIT and enjoy your numbers.

      We are tempted to say, “it won’t take you any time at all, the moment you lay you get your results”


      We are 100 percent TRANSPARENT

      And if you cannot invest a few mins a day to INVEST into getting well and healing your body forever, then NOBODY can help you

      Neither are we ready to take the fall for your un-READINESS.

      Sign up for this Program ONLY if you are willing to WATCH & LEARN what you MUST DO & are READY TO DO IT.

      It won’t even be more than 1 hour a day.
      Plus it is self-paced, meaning you can keep going back to it for however long you need to.

      So, are you READY NOW?


      This is a course and does not cover that.

      If you want a full holistic approach to body healing that will take care of the other health challenges, then APPLY to get into our High BP Reversal Program where we work with you personally and customize the journey for you to eliminate all the other diseases and complications.

      Yes, we treat all reports and results of our clients with topmost professional confidentiality.

      We do not sell or transfer your data and all your success stories can only be shared with your name on them IF you grant us permission to do so.

      Otherwise all your personal data is secret and safe with us.

      You are right. This program is especially for you, because we will show you EXACTLY how to reverse this your own case in less than 30 days Guaranteed!


      Some Of Our Most Asked Questions…

      As you can already see, this program is head and shoulders above just foods and exercises.

      This Program is based on the super powerful high BP killer STRATEGY - the High BP reversal method™.

      And each of the 3 phases of mind, body and freedom, you have three steps you MUST TAKE.

      It is time to make the SHIFT from yo-yo dieting and exercising to High BP Reversal as the Program helps you.


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