How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Faster and Keep it Down Longer Using the Countdown METHOD

How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Faster and Keep it Down Longer Using the Countdown METHOD

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Pro Tip – Use a Timer

Would you Love to Lower Your Blood Pressure Faster and Keep it down forever?

Then use a Timer

Not a seconds, minutes or hours timer,

Use a Days Timer!

Wow. Phew, How?

I would explain, stay with me.

But first, set a 30 Day Countdown Timer RIGHT NOW

What this means is, pick your jotter and write down now,

I will start to enjoy better, normalized blood pressure readings by so so so date or even before this date (30 days from now).


(In my book, I call it, a Commitment Pledge- you actually get to sign in the book)

Now let me explain to you the power in this seemingly ridiculous statement you just read above….

There are many reasons this works, but on this post I will only share THREE TOP REASONS and how we have utilized the power of the mundane to transform lives and how you too can copy us TODAY

SO, why do a 30 Day Countdown?


Most persons we meet on our Strategy sessions who have suffered hypertension for many years, have practically lost hope in themselves, their bodies or anything….

some already start to experience and endure so much adverse effects, palpitations, chest tightness, chest heaviness, poor sleep etc, yet they are unable to share, because they don’t really know what to do about it.

But when you set this 30 Day Timer, you instantly raise your Belief System –

YOU will be FREE in 30 Days

( forget about the ‘how free just yet, because it doesn’t matter at this point).

I have been told so many times that our Trainings and methods are very soothing and give hope!

This is WHY, you need that hope in order to ever be able to crush high blood pressure complications.

We go in-depth into this in our Mind Detox/Mind Liberation trainings but let’s continue.


Haven’t you noticed that you tend to complete tasks faster when there is a deadline versus when someone tells you, don’t worry, just do it at your own convenience. Chances are you never do it!

Yes or NO?

Same reason your BP never gets better, when you have resigned to a life of drugs and drugs and more drugs, there is ‘no urgency’ to get better, after all you’ve been told, take these drugs, everyday for the rest of your life…..

So, no motivation to get better….

So, you never ever get better (insert sad face here)

SO, let’s use some urgency to help you get better!!!!

All our trainings we always end with a Timer Countdown Strategy. Have you noticed? We always tell you, in 30 days or 90 Days or less!!!! Because we want to get you in Results mode instantly!


DO you know how come we keep sharing Success Story upon Success Story?

Because when people have invested in their health, it forces them TO ACT!!!

Now, if you’re a highly motivated individual, when you have written down the Countdown commitment it forces you to want to work on your health so you can celebrate by Day 30!!!

Versus if you didn’t make any commitment and you are relying on Google…or using the ‘hope uzodinma strategy’

‘Google is always going to be there, but no compulsion for you to act.

That’s why Signing up in a Bootcamp or Workshop or Challenge always always always works wonders.

I, personally, am almost always enrolled in one Challenge or the other. I am currently undertaking a 97 Day Challenge and am on Day 21 and I am already seeing the effect in my life!

So now you know why you must use a 30-Day Countdown to Freedom in order to get your blood pressure normalized faster and more importantly get it to stay down.

Ninja Hack – it also helps to do a countdown, from the start of a month so you can sub-consciously say, by the end of this month I would have been getting BP 118/78mmHg for example.

DO you agree with these 3 reasons why you need the countdown Strategy?.

I know you are probably thinking so how do I get started, what do I do during the countdown etc.

Well, we are going to be showing a set of people the EXACT STRATEGY over 500 men and women have used to get outstanding result and freedom within 30 days

if you would also love to see it so you can copy it and use it during your countdown starting February 1.

register NOW for the BP Mastery Workshop

P.S If you already have a strategy you will follow, then you are good to go. Just make sure to use the Timer as it will get you there quicker.


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In our next on this series I will share with you on ‘Top Three Bottle Necks of using the Timer Method and How to Avoid Them’

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