How Can I Lower My Blood Pressure from Anxiety

How Can I Lower My Blood Pressure from Anxiety


Do You Struggle with Fear and Anxiety about your Blood Pressure?

Sometimes the fear of knowing your blood pressure is largely uncontrolled and you are not prepared to deal with the even worse feelings and panic that set off when you measure your blood pressure and find it high, lead to living in perpetual anxiety.

At other times, this fear manifests as panic attacks with a racing heartbeat and shallow breathing.

At yet other times, the increased stress you have to deal with everyday from various quarters all contribute to the tension you sleep and wake up with.

Sometimes the thought of the future makes your heart skip a beat……..

No matter what the cause of the unspoken struggle is for you, one thing is certain – You are Reading this page right now, because deep down you desire to be able to be in MORE CONTROL of your body.

You are looking for simple techniques and ways to manage your blood pressure better and therefore eliminate these scary symptoms that are hard for you to open up and communicate with anyone, even your loved ones.

In this video, we go over three specific science-based techniques you can immediately start consciously practising so as to help you lower your blood pressure naturally and also relieve you of the stress, fear and anxiety.

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What Is the Link Between High Blood Pressure and Anxiety?

Doctors have characterized anxiety to mean feelings of intense worry or fear. It usually comes with many physical symptoms, including increased heart rate and shallow breathing. These periods of anxiety have been linked to temporary increase in blood pressure.

High blood pressure or hypertension in turn can cause people to feel anxious about their health and future, about whether they will grow old to have fun with their children and grandchildren in super health.

Sometimes this anxiety and fear crops up as white coat hypertension

This fear usually eats deep into their productivity and quality of life.

This is one reason why, irrespective of whether you are using medications to control your blood pressure, it is imperative you explore other avenues or non-pharmacologic techniques to help you with reducing these symptoms of anxiety, stress and fear.

These Three Powerful Techniques Can Help You Relieve Fear, Stress and Anxiety

The techniques mentioned in the video include:

  1. Committing to deliberate steps and strategies at controlling your blood pressure better. The high blood pressure reversal method outlines how you can get started on this path.
Your perfect body begins with your mind!

2. Use of meditation and mindfulness techniques. This deep work by Harvard researchers and scientists show a lot of promise in the use of these practices in relieving stress and depression tendencies, even comparable to medications use. Although there are many variations of meditation, including self-meditation and guided meditation, yet evidence suggests they are very helpful and costs nothing for you to incorporate it in your daily routine so as to reap whatever the benefits it can give.

Sit still, shut your eyes….You are in CONTROL…

3. Use of deep breathing with gentle twists. The process of performing this is explained in the video and was also found to be scientifically helpful beyond simple deep breathing exercises. According to the Harvard Scientists, this practice could also help you lower your blood pressure (which you also want!)

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