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Mrs Joyce
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52 Year Old Joyce Crushes 10 Years of Hypertension in Less Than 90 Days
If this isn’t high blood pressure reversal? What is?


Mrs Iheoma
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51 Year Old Iheoma Crushes Over 4 Years of Hypertension 17 Days Only!

Before She Met Us
She had been diagnosed with hypertension around childbirth over four years before.
But in the preceeding years, even all her drugs couldn’t help her, as the blood pressure remained high.
Exactly 17 days after our deep work with her, her numbers immediately crashed back to normal, and she only had cause to take her medicines once, as evidenced in her BP transformation Tracker she shared with us.

Her numbers still remained NORMAL!



MADAM V. (Lagos)
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60 Year Old Madam V Crushes Over 4 Years of Hypertension in Less than 6 months!

Before she Met Us
Madam V. had battled with hypertension for well over four years and even though she was placed on three different medications, her initial readings when she met us was as high as 161/105mmHg (placing her at a huge risk for a stroke).

She immediately jumped at the opportunity to work with us in the 3-month High BP Reversal Program because she had multiple complaints from constant headaches, body weakness etc.


Our Work with Her
Since she was not very young, at age 60, we assured her that even her age would never stop her from getting outstanding results! However she needed to work her body to become like that of a 20-year old, using our methods!


The fact she was on three different medications was another factor- an unarguable sign of poor control – if one drug could assist your body, you wouldn’t need two more. However she was determined, so we set to work uncovering all her other triggers – modifiable and non-modifiable.

So we set out and laid out her roadmap for her.

Our Recommendation

We set up her 3-month roadmap for her, including her mind detox, body detox, meal planning using the SAM Strategy and all and kept tweaking as she journeyed.

It took her six weeks before her numbers could make the first move downwards!
The ray of hope we had been waiting for.

By the end of 3 months (12 weeks) she was now getting good numbers, her sleep had improved, the headaches had disappeared, she had lost 6 kg alongside.

Her Results

She continued with us to month 6 and her numbers were fantastic! And by this time she was no longer regularly taking the one drug she had reduced to!

Find attached her experience in her own words.

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Mrs O. (UK)
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40 Year Old Mrs O. Crushes Over 4 Years of Hypertension in Less than 3 months with ZERO DRUGS!

Before she Met Us

Madam O. found us through one educational video we shared on a very large Facebook group. She was impressed by the ton of useful material she found on our website, some she had never known anything about before.

She immediately decided to say YES to her high bP freedom by enrolling in our 3 month high BP Reversal Program.

She was convinced she never wanted to get on with the lifelong use of medications. Her GP had earlier assured her that if she could make necessary lifestyle changes and maintain her numbers always below 140/90mmHg, then she might be able to go ahead with her life without drugs.

She didn’t quite know where to start, but our program provided her with all the missing data on where to start, what to do specifically and the support she needed to ace her goals!

Even all her years of sweating it out in the gym never gave her the kind of result she got within less than 3 months

Her Objections

  • She was thrilled and excited by all these insights we shared
  • but was not quite convinced that we could help her as she felt she already had a bunch of ‘health tips and information’ at her disposal.
  • Eventually she took the plunge! ALL her years of moving from one good supplement to the next came to an end!

Fast forward to 3 months later, she has the blood pressure of a baby while on ZERO MEDICINES!

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