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Can Organic Foods Lower Your Blood Pressure?

She was distraught presumably because she was convinced she had been doing everything right, especially after making the change to eating only organic foods, from rice to beans to vegetables.

What exactly is Organic Food?

Organic foods are products of a farming system which avoids the use of artificial chemicals, man-made fertilizers, antibiotics and pesticides.

Hence she was convinced that making this simple shift would catapult her into perfect health and more importantly a perfect blood pressure control.

I will share with you here the three main points that I shared with her.

1. Eating healthy is different than eating specifically to lower your blood pressure.

2. Reversal of high blood pressure is an active process you don’t just wake up to without a deliberate conscious effort

So if you were not consciously working to reverse your blood pressure, the mere fact of changing your food source to organic foods will not automatically result in perfect blood pressure control.

3. Organic foods are great, just as a healthy diet is essential for controlling blood pressure, however they can only work best when used as part of your overall blood pressure control strategy.

Eating organic foods alone will not guarantee perfect blood pressure control.

Use these organic foods as part of your overall BP control strategy.

In conclusion I can imagine that your next question would be, how do I lower my blood pressure naturally using an effective blood pressure control strategy? 

The strategy that has been most successfully used by old and young, regardless of how long they have struggled with hypertension is the Mind-Body-Freedom Body Repair System

This is so powerful because it is one of the most complete, holistic systems of repairing your body from the inside out and getting your body to regulate your blood pressure by itself, to the extent that you may start to require less medications use!

Surely, most everyone has this Single Goal- 

Perfect BLOOD pressure with less drugs use. 

Are you already using this Strategy? 

If No, why not?

Learn more details about the high BP Reversal methodology and see it in action here, so that you too can model it. 

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