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Who says Valentine’s Day is only about giving gifts? You MUST receive it too! Here’s WHY

Celebrate your Valentine by expressing SELF-LOVE FIRST.

Sadly not many people understand or even practice self-love at all.

With what?



I will give you a clue

So, many great mothers get caught up buying beautiful wears for their husbands and kids, but hardly take the time to splurge on or GIFT themselves, save for the wigs and makeup they buy. Right?

Same with the men who work hard to cater to the family needs.

Have they ever made any specific attempt to INVEST in that which ensures they would be there for much longer in super health for their families?

Once you turn thirty-five (the ‘magic age’ used to be forty), make it a point of duty to ask yourself from time to time,  ‘How could I improve the future of my health, body, and vitality so I can always be there for my family and enjoy growing old together?’

I once interviewed a man who had lost over 30kg in 120 days only (4 months!) on one of the Episodes of our Whole and Wellness Show.  His WHY was that he wanted to be the man to his beautiful daughter down the aisle, not being confined in a wheelchair.

His doctors had just diagnosed him with early-stage diabetes type 2 and his over 100kg weight was cited as one of his biggest health risk factors. So he got to work!

With the determination of a bull, to do it in 90 days. He ended up at 120 days – but he did it!

In conclusion, ask yourself the question,

Are YOU caring enough for your body and health? Or are you leaving it to time and chance?

On this Valentine’s Day, as you GIFT your loved ones and significant other(s) lots of lavish gifts, remember to GIFT YOURSELF FIRST.

Before you conclude that Valentine’s Day is already over, and you’d do it for you next year, remember ‘every day is Valentine’ according to our ‘stingy brothers’, so LOVE YOURSELF Daily.

Here are a few simple-to-do tips you take to move your health in the right direction.

  1. Do regular simple health checks
  2.  Check and note down your blood pressure. Was it normal the last time you checked (below 140/90mmHg)? If NO, what have you done about it? Ignoring it has led to millions of death all over the world. NEVER IGNORE IT.
  3. Join a Wellness community TODAY. A place you are constantly reminded of the importance of healthy living. The right association is the key to making it happen. Hypertension Africa Community is a perfect example.
  4.  Join a Weight loss club if you are trying to lose weight or if you are overweight or obese. External motivation and accountability help a lot of people a lot more than doing it alone.
  5. Drink lots of water. Not sure how much you drink daily? Use a water bottle to measure daily. Target nothing less than 2 Liters. The more the better.
  6. Sleep early. Or at least target 6 hours of night sleep. This can help reset your system and de-stress you from the day’s struggles
  7. Hire a Health Coach or join a Health Coaching Program if you are finding it difficult to keep your numbers, including blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, etc within the normal range even with all the medicines you take every day. They help you see clearly the fastest way to reach your goals plus the accountability will save you many more years of pain, trial, and error, or falling for ‘gbogbonise’.

Happy Val’s Day,

With Lots of Love

Pharm Chibuamam Ilechukwu

The Hypertension Manager.

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Pharm Ilechukwu, aka ‘The Hypertension Manager’ specializes in helping people who struggle with stubborn high blood pressure, who are tired of living on drugs for the rest of their lives to regain their complete freedom, by utilizing the very powerful lifestyle-based high BP reversal method to help them get their lives back without daily medications or enduring painful adverse effects.


Feel free to connect if you would love personalized help and coaching.

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