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Hypertension Africa 2021 Report

Our Hypertension Africa REPORT for 2021

2021 was a year of significant leap for Hypertension Africa.

Our numbers in 2021 are the hallmark of our progress and the direction we are heading as a foremost health coaching company in Africa specialised in helping persons struggling with uncontrolled hypertension and complications to maintain normal blood pressure with less medicines.

We strengthened the accountability support system for our clients and developed our flagship Coaching Program, the High Blood Pressure (High BP) Reversal Program.

We were able to set up our systems to run with minimal interventions so that our clients can conveniently log into any of them, make payments and purchase any of our products as well as receive instructions on how to effectively use them to maintain normal blood pressure or reverse high blood pressure.

We shared some of our work and results at the Hypertension Canada World Congress 2021. We presented our work in 2020 during the Covid_19 lockdown, where we helped hypertensives achieve better blood pressure control from home, while minimizing hospital visits and hospitalization.


In 2021, we had a health awareness tour across different online communities.

Generally we recorded a growth in our customer base, clients and online presence.

A total of 161 customers purchased products from our online stores while our High BP Reversal Coaching Programme recorded 10 participants. Hypertension Africa TV now has 397 subscribers. We had 255 participants from 11 different countries in our Fight Hypertension Challenge (Versions 4.0 and 5.0) which is the mass enlightenment part of our campaign on how to prevent and manage hypertension.

Generally, we recorded 87.5% success rate in high blood pressure reversal and reduction for our clients.

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Hypertension Africa Report Numbers

In this new year 2022, we are proudly looking forward to reaching and impacting thousands and hundreds of thousands of people while continuing to grow our over 2100 Wellness Community members.

We are deeply committed to the vision of helping individuals maintain normal blood pressure and avoid the painful complications and in severe cases, death associated with the World’s number one silent killer, hypertension.

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Pharm Ilechukwu, aka ‘The Hypertension Manager’ specializes in helping people who struggle with stubborn high blood pressure, who are tired of living on drugs for the rest of their lives to regain their complete freedom, by utilizing the very powerful lifestyle-based high BP reversal method to help them get their lives back without daily medications or enduring painful adverse effects.


Feel free to connect if you would love personalized help and coaching.

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