Hypertension Africa’s Fight Hypertension Challenge 6.0: The Four Cornerstone Lessons

Hypertension Africa begins the 6th version of Fight Hypertension Challenge on the 18th of February, 2022. This challenge is a structured 10 – day intensive training on how to reduce high blood pressure with non-pharmaceutical interventions. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), an estimated 1.28 billion people around the globe have hypertension with majority living […]

Hypertension Africa 2021 Report

Our Hypertension Africa REPORT for 2021 2021 was a year of significant leap for Hypertension Africa. Our numbers in 2021 are the hallmark of our progress and the direction we are heading as a foremost health coaching company in Africa specialised in helping persons struggling with uncontrolled hypertension and complications to maintain normal blood pressure […]

Fight Hypertension Challenge 5.0 is Here

Fight hypertension ChallengeMockup

Have you registered for the Fight Hypertension Challenge? Experience over the years has shown that taking deliberate ACTIONS every single day is the fastest way to get your blood pressure under control…read more

Can Organic Foods Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Eating organic foods is great as they are highly beneficial to the body, however simply making this switch in your eating habits is usually not sufficient for effectively lowering your blood pressure. Find out three reasons why this is so….