Are you also tired of swallowing all these drugs every single day?

Then here is the full uncensored story of How your High BP Problems ARE NOT really a BP ISSUE but a KNOWLEDGE PROBLEM

And THE PROVEN WAY to regain FULL CONTROL and Normalized BP without daily drugs, enduring drug side effects & complication

To help you understand more of this hidden secret, I’ll share with you a bit about Mr J (full name withheld),

But first, let’s have a moment of truth….


The SECRET REVELATION on this page is for you, if you can relate to ANY OF THESE:

  • How many times in the last one month did you get angry immediately you saw your BP reading?


  • How many times have you hissed with sadness upon remembering the number of drugs you have to swallow every single day for the rest of your life, 20,30,40 years from today?


  • How many times have you TRIED YOUR BEST from hypertension teas, vessel cleaners, BP flusher, massage machine, wonder supplements etc, yet till this day you’re on this page reading, nodding and still looking for answers about this same high BP problem!


  • How many times have you chosen to ignore your BP, only for a few weeks/months later to hit a dangerous above 160/100mmHg, which forced you to go back to the drugs you desperately hated and wanted to stop taking?

  • How many drug side effects and complications have you been enduring and pretending like all is well? From constant headaches, difficulty falling and staying asleep, body pains, swollen feet, palpitations, high cholesterol, palpitations, struggled breathing etc?

  • How many times do you lie awake at night remembering your family or friends THAT YOU KNOW who have had a stroke or kidney failure, and looking at your kids with some bit of fear in your eyes?

  • How many times have you stopped to shudder at the total amount this high BP has swallowed from your pocket both on drugs, remedies, supplements, hospital bills? (this woman says that if she adds it all up the money she has spent is enough to build her own house)


Now let me shock you for a bit, at the risk of sounding BLUNT but I have to be TOTALLY HONEST with YOU, since no one else has bothered telling you

If after all these years of your ‘trying your best, doing all sorts’ you are still here still experiencing ALL these struggles, enduring side effects, swallowing all these drugs, even though YOU HAVE BEEN FOCUSING ON THIS HIGH BP  for so long

It suggests and proves ONLY ONE THING:


Your High BP Problems ARE NOT really a BP ISSUE but a KNOWLEDGE PROBLEM



You still have not uncovered the KNOWLEDGE of HOW you CAN regain FULL CONTROL of your Blood Pressure without drugs, side effects & complications while still getting perfectly normal readings like 120/ 80mmHg




I know this is a rather hard pill to swallow, but I promised you on this page I will go uncensored…..

I will tell you what nobody else had the balls to tell you…..



Now read it again, this time slowly…..


Your High BP Problems ARE NOT really a BP ISSUE but a KNOWLEDGE PROBLEM



You still have not uncovered the KNOWLEDGE of HOW you CAN regain FULL CONTROL of your Blood Pressure without drugs, side effects & complications while still getting perfectly normal readings like 120/ 80mmHg


Now this right here is YOUR REAL PROBLEM!




Back to Mr J,



On the Saturday morning he sat across from during our Virtual Meeting – he had just applied to learn more about the term ‘high BP reversal’ I had thrown around so much during the presentation I made in the CEO’s organization he belonged to.



He wanted to learn HOW this could work for him!



Before then, he never believed anything could save him….


So his wife convinced him, to just look forward to the afterlife where he would no longer suffer sickness, lower back pain, swallow 3 drugs daily for TEN solid years, take another drug for high cholesterol….



Even his Doctor had told him,


‘you’re going to live on drugs for the rest of your life’



So on this day, I opened up some bit of secret on the possibility for him dropping all those drugs once he began to operate from a place of KNOWLEDGE on HOW to regain FULL CONTROL of his Blood Pressure without drugs, side effects & complications




He was so excited at the prospects because it was TOTALLY DIFFERENT from what anybody, anywhere had ever told him …..



On that same phonecall….in that same hour, he said YES!


I want this KNOWLEDGE


I want to NORMALIZE MY BLOOD PRESSURE without drugs




Here is what he achieved in just 3 months later!!!!

Remember, this is AFFTER TEN PAINFUL YEARS…. the moment he switched lifestyle-based CONTROL
He wiped off 10 year old tears in just 3 months, 90 days, without gyming, without starving, without cutting off an arm or a leg!!!

What would it mean to you if exactly 3 months from now you shave off all those years of suffering, just like Mr J?

I know you can’t wait to hear, what did he do, what KNOWLEDGE did I share with him, how did he do it?









You must know HOW TO….. not just guess work.


I will tell you ….. not for a FEE….. but FREE –

So that You too can operate from a place of POWER, KNOWLEDGE & CERTAINTY, not fear, refrets, anxiety and failure….

The secret lies in YOUR LIFESTYLE





The secret has always been hidden in plain sight!




It is not more drugs, not more hospital bills, not another supplement or remedy recommended on those for a, Nairaland, quora, Facebook groups, not even any massaging machine


But in your lifestyle



This is what they don’t want you to know




It is your lifestyle that will literally cure you of High BP!



As you let this other bombshell I am dropping, sink in,

Take a look at more men and women, just like you, who have embraced and started implementing this Lifestyle-based approach to regain FULL CONTROL of their blood pressure

Pay particular attention to how quickly they start getting result they could never dream of, in the drugs only route (which you probably have been using before now)

Now before you get me started on,

But I already watch what I eat,

But I don’t drink I don’t smoke,

But I am not fat,

But it runs in my family,

 But mine is pregnancy-induced,

 I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle generally, I even do some exercise



Remember, why you’ve read up till this point– and remember that YOU DO NOT really HAVE A BP PROBLEM, YOU HAVE A KNOWLEDGE PROBLEM – The knowledge problem of how to get out of the BP rot



IF What you have been calling ‘healthy lifestyle’ worked, you won’t be here on this page




since you’re still here,







Here is this same secret I already shared with you, revealed in the words of Harvard Medical School Professor Dr Fisher,

“It is well documented that lifestyle changes can lower blood pressure as much as pills can, and sometimes even more,




By now you should be asking yourself,



No, I won’t be the one to confirm to you that ‘they’ really do not want you discovering all these secrets or getting off the meds!


But if anything should be clear to you now it is that



If you are ever going to be FREE FROM DRUGS, side effects, complications etc, it going to be TOTALLY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY


Because nobody is coming to save you

Only YOU can SAVE YOURSELF when you’re armed with the right knowledge!


Those who refuse to make this shift to Lifestyle-based control, will keep experiencing more and more of the fear, anxiety, panics, pain, denials, sadness that come from no end in sight



Some will continue to play the blame game, blame their families, loved ones, friends, jobs, and all sorts…


If however you’re like Mr J and


to a Lifestyle-based STRATEGY that puts you back in COMPLETE CONTROL of your Numbers,

then JOIN us for this Webinar titled:


Three Power Shifts you Must Make to your Lifestyle to Help You Regain FULL CONTROL of Your numbers without drugs, side effects & complications while still getting perfectly normal readings like 120/ 80mmHg



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Who am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Hi, I am Pharm Chibuamam Ilechukwu, Founder of Hypertension Africa,


Hypertension Africa is the leading health tech company in Africa supporting individuals suffering hypertension and helping them reverse stubborn high blood pressure naturally using the High BP Reversal Method TM.


Even though I have over ten years of clinical practice, I stumbled upon these secrets through the trials of my Father’s health. And through lots of struggle, pain, medications, trials and errors, we eventually got my father completely weaned of daily drugs for high BP, arthritis, high cholesterol, pain etc at over 70 years.


My mission is to impact at least ten thousand lives this year 2022, and help them fulfil their lives mission and beautiful futures without fear or death threats hanging over their heads, utilizing many of these secrets I have been blessed to uncover, study and document over the years.



Will you be one of the ten thousand?



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