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>Brand New Lessons  OPENS on Thursdays only AFTER your onboarding and Program begins. Check your emails for Access Links titled HBR emails

>Coaching Call every Saturday via Google Meet, 9:00-10:00pm GMT+1 

>Whatsapp Group is for Accountability,

>The entire HBR Program Course, Weekly Action Plans, Meal Plans & Downloadables are on our Membership site and you’d receive email reminders

Do the NEXT SIX STEPS ONE BY ONE to get settled in …

But First Watch the Video & welcome again

STEP 1: Download and Accept our Coaching Contract

Accept contract by -printing & signing OR email us stating you accept contract OR message on whatsapp stating your name & date that you acceot the T&C’s of contract


For accurate goal setting and implementation plans

Fill your shipping address if you did the full One-time payment option

STEP 3: CLICK to Download & PRINT your Progress Transformation TRACKERS

You would need these for your medicine review with your Doctor. We will review your Trackers with you MONTHLY too
***This is COMPULSORY, whether you’re on meds or not
**Download if you have a weight shed goal
**Download only if you are diabetic

STEP 4: Join HBR Whatsapp Accountability Space

Privacy Guaranteed


FINAL STEP: Login with Your Email & BEGIN Your Course on our Membership SITE

WARNING: DO NOT DO THIS NOW Until The Morning the Course Begins (We will NOTIFY YOU on  Whatsapp when to LOGIN for yourLESSON ONE TO START)

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