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Fight Hypertension Challenge 5.0 is Here

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Often times, you hear that a colleague, friend or an acquaintance slumped and died. What happened is usually the next question?. The doctor said it is high blood pressure. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension is truly the silent killer. With 1.5 million cases every year in Nigeria, Hypertension Africa creates awareness about the disease in Africa and beyond.

Hypertension Africa is the first and foremost health coaching and health support agency focused on helping adult men and women achieve and enjoy true freedom, using unique, science-based high BP reversal method. At Hypertension Africa, we assist hypertensives to achieve normal blood pressure everyday.

One of our key programmes is the Fight Hypertension Challenge which is now in its 5th season. This challenge is a structured 10 day intensive course with real life practice and daily tasks on how to crush high BP numbers with less dependence on meds. High blood pressure does not need to be a sentence to swallowing pills for the rest of one’s life.

This programme has recorded more participants each successive season and in some cases, participants join the challenge on behalf of their loved ones and to help create awareness about the disease. Season 5 includes courses on identifying high BP triggers, reasons why blood pressure may remain high despite all efforts to control it and incorporating healthy lifestyles using our effective SAM strategy to either prevent or delay the onset of the disease and supporting hypertensives through support groups.

The season 5 of the Fight Hypertension Challenge begins on 21st August, 2021 and we invite you to participate in this challenge with your loved ones and friends. Hypertension is a public health concern in Africa. Participating in programmes like this one creates the awareness and gives support to hypertensives fighting the disease.

To learn more about the what we offer you in the Challenge and see stories of people who started with the Challenge and now are sharing their successes, https://bit.ly/3Cpgr0hclick here

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Pharm Ilechukwu, aka ‘The Hypertension Manager’ specializes in helping people who struggle with stubborn high blood pressure, who are tired of living on drugs for the rest of their lives to regain their complete freedom, by utilizing the very powerful lifestyle-based high BP reversal method to help them get their lives back without daily medications or enduring painful adverse effects.


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