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Over eleven years ago when my Father was down with chronic pain- induced hypertension (he had lumbar spondylitis that gave him this excruciating pain, he could barely walk from our parlor to the toilet without stopping to rest).


I wish anybody, anywhere


I wish somebody could have taught us what to do, how to do it, when to do it, 

to help him get better


At this point, his cholesterol was also high


so imagine the number of drugs and steroids he had to swallow every single day!


All this for one person


To be honest, we felt he was suffering needlessly ….

almost like the biblical Job


Because how else do we explain this?

A devout Priest….


Very upright and straightforward in all his dealings

Who had he offended?

What was his offense?


Just living and perhaps growing older

That’s all

At this point even his Doctors had given up on him with only the option of surgery with a 50-50 chance of recovery!


I wish anybody anywhere would help


Unfortunately NOBODY HELPED


We literally did all the trial and error, spent multiple hundreds and hundreds of thousands on nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, this or that


And it took him over two long years to get his life back!!!!!

Good News is, he got his life back!


And today he is bouncing….at 72….

zero drugs….Zero Pain, Meds…. Zero High Cholesterol…..


just now aging gracefully and playing and enjoying his grandkids!


Today and everyday, people have been bombarding us with questions on ‘How did he do it?’ ‘What did he do?’ ‘What should we do?’ My own is not as bad…

My own is just high BP and high cholesterol. 

I only take 3 medicines

I take 4


And that is why I founded Hypertension Africa


To be the FIRST EVER Health Coaching & Health Tech Company leveraging on technology to HELP SHOW YOU the SECRETS of NATURALLY reversing stubborn High Blood Pressure so you can Enjoy Pure Freedom & your Life to the fullest


  • Maybe you are at the verge of giving up


  • Maybe you are already tired because there seems to be no hope


  • Maybe you KNOW it is possible to be free, but you have tried everything, all sorts, you have spent close to millions already (one woman says the equivalent she has spent can build her a house) 


In fact, YOU ARE THE REASON WE EXIST to RESTORE YOUR HOPE & JOY (just as we have done for a few  thousands before you).

To help you go from

  • confused
  • angry
  • unhappy
  • frustrated
  • even depressed


  • Completely Free

  • Enjoying your life

  • No more fear of ‘the unknown’
  • Feeling young and agile all over again
  • Growing old together with your loved ones in super health

Warning – we are not for skeptics

If you are okay with your drugs… managing your life…. trying your best

Then you have no need for us



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Who am I and Why Should You Listen To Me?

Hi, I am Pharm Chibuamam Ilechukwu, with over eleven years of clinical experience.


I am the Founder of Hypertension Africa, the foremost health coaching and health tech Company supporting persons suffering stubborn high blood pressure and helping them reverse it completely so YOU can enjoy your Best Life in Super Health.


I am the creator of the High BP Reversal Program (HBR) which is where I work with clients very closely to achieve and maintain Normal Blood Pressures every single day, reverse complications & eliminate adverse effects in 90 days or less! 

With over 1,000 hours of Coaching done since 2017, I have worked with hundreds of people just like you and we’ve created amazing health and body transformations for so many in record time!

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