Fight Hypertension Challenge v. 4.0

 is a FREE Online 4 parts-video-in-10 Days Live training series for 35 and above with hypertension, 

that reveals ALL the untold secrets to effective high BP control, so YOU can Challenge and Win Against High BP yourself!

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Here's what we cover including Pdf worksheets and Q&A after each Lesson:

Lesson #1:

Wednesday April 21, 9pm WAT

Lesson #2

Saturday April 24, 9pm WAT

Lesson #3

Tuesday 7th April, 9pm WAT

Lesson #4

Friday 30th April, 9pm WAT


Hi, I am Pharm Chibuamam Ilechukwu, Founder of Hypertension Africa and I know first hand how it feels to  live with hypertension for many years with no end in sight! 

Having worked with hundreds of cases in the past and from my personal experience with my Dad which nearly broke me.

My 70 year old father was in that exact situation as you, probably worse…..because he had to deal with three other diseases at the same time!

To be honest, we thought that was the end of him, because all reports showed nothing else could be done……

It took one last gloomy report that forced us to look beyond and over, for a more natural, holistic, organic and body repair way out! 

I have shared more details in our webinars…. but fast forward till today ….all his reports show he is doing extremely well.

It is this same freedom-giving  3-step strategy that we we have used in empowering hundreds just like you with for the past three years.

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