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Five Shockingly Common Mistakes Most People Make,Causing Their BP To Continue To Remain High Despite Everything They’ve Tried

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Her BP was 161/100mmHg

This 60 year old woman who had swallowed THREE different drugs virtually everyday since before 2016. 

The struggle was real


Constant headaches, palpitations, her chest would beat wildly n her sleep causing her to jump up from her bed, after she calmed down, returning to sleep became almost impossible, as a result she always felt groggy and grumpy most mornings, she suffered night sweats and hot flashes. In addition to all these she noticed she easily got tired after just a little bit of work.


In spite of all this,

After being super consistent with her daily drugs

After she “watched what she ate”

Because she didn’t want to develop any complications.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Can you believe that Her BP still  remained as high as  161/103mmHg even while on her 3 meds???



No wonder she continued to have sleepless nights. 

Going back to complain to her Doctor got her more anxious because she could tell it would end up in yet another additional tablet!


 And truthfully,

She was no longer finding it easy swallowing these three tablets everyday, let alone four.


Most times she found herself hiding from her kids while swallowing the pills 

She couldn’t stand those innocent children bombarding her with their questions like,


“Mommy, what’s wrong with you? 

Are you sick? 

Are you going to get better? 

“Why are you taking those drugs?”

“Do you take medicine everyday?”

“Are you alright”?


Even though she was too young to remember the details, yet she’s convinced high BP took her Dad from them several years ago! 

She was so young then. 


A deafening silence followed.

“Ma, are you still there?” I asked

Allowing her time to collect herself together


I am just tired of everything” she managed to whisper in a shaky voice that could no longer hide the fear on her voice. It didn’t require a soothsayer to reveal she was fighting to hold back the tears. 


“What’s the matter ma? I continued.

Let’s FOCUS on why EXACTLY you booked this STRATEGY SESSION with us today ma?


She launched into a full narration of how her friend who knew about her health struggles had shared the Hypertension Africa link to her via Facebook. And even though she had promised herself she was done trying any other thing, she had already tried too many different supplements and remedies and teas.


She decided to give this a try – especially when she learnt we were promising her a high BP reversal not mere ‘lower your BP’. She was equally glad she got the opportunity to speak with an expert as well.


On that day, I took the time to educate her on

FIVE ACTION STEPS to take in order to completely change her story and high BP history forever, so that it would never end like her father’s! 


In that singular conversation, she learnt what millions of people all over the world continue struggling to achieve, because nobody ever bothered to reveal this secret to them!



Mama V is an ACTION TAKER.


All it took was this conversation and she swung into FULL ACTION IMMEDIATELY, like her life depended on it (actually it did depend on it and she SEIZED THIS GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY WITH BOTH HANDS!

>>>> Fast forward to six months later,  READ Madam V’s OWN WORDS as she narrated her success story

And before you ask, I will tell you

These are the five steps I recommended she take, which you too can copy to get similar results

The best part of everything for Madam was that she was able to achieve all this and get weaned off her medications


ARE YOU READY to adopt this same 5-step approach to transforming your health?

Then let me help you with numbers 1 and 2. 

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  1. Five of the most common yet highly dangerous mistakes that most people make, which make their BP continue to remain high despite feeling that they’re doing everything right

2. Determine the total number of mistakes you’re currently making

3. Learn simple yet powerful ways to avoid and correct these mistakes so your activity can start improving your BP

4. Special Bonus – An invitation to discover the wonder method that madam V and hundreds of others have already successfully used to completely banish all high BP side effects and reverse all high BP complications without relying on drugs for the rest of their lives

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Hi, I am Pharmacist Chibuamam Ilechukwu with over 10 years of clinical experience.

The Founder of Hypertension Africa, a health tech that leverages technology to support persons struggling with high blood pressure to get back their power while safely, naturally and completely reversing high blood pressure using the High BP Reversal Method ™, so they can enjoy their best lives in super health.


Based on my personal experience and having worked with thousands pf people just like you, let me walk you through some of the most common, highly neglected but extremely dangerous mistakes you may be making around your BP control.


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