Let Us Help You Crush High BP Together

Enroll into the High Blood Pressure Reversal (HBR) Programme

(a 3-month (14 week) Coaching Programme, where we work with you step-by-step until you completely reverse high BP, daily drugs, side effects and complications and begin to ENJOY your Best Life in super health, without fear of untimely death.

Who Is This For?

  • You are an ACTION TAKER


  • You want us to WORK WITH YOU FURTHER


  • You are convinced this High BP Reversal method will work for you too, just as it has worked for hundreds of others from different walks of life and in different continents.


  • You are enduring various complaints right now like constant headaches, palpitations, chest pains, dizziness, swollen feet, sleep problems, poor libido, blurry vision etc


  • You have suffered high BP for more than 3 years already OR the first time it was diagnosed it was above 160/100mmHg or you have once experienced a dangerous spike in the past


  • You currently take more than 1 drug everyday OR you desperately have been resisting  getting on drugs despite your Doctor’s recommendation


  • You have other health conditions complicating your high BP issue eg diabetes Type 2, arthritis, obesity, high cholesterol, chronic pain etc


  • YOU ARE READY to put in the daily activity required activity to set you FREE from HIGH BP FOREVER BP so that you no longer are forced to endure all those negative  side effects and complications of this chronic disease (we can only work with ACTION TAKERS)


  • YOU KNOW YOU NEED SERIOUS HELP. When you picture yourself going on like this for the next five years, your heart suddenly starts to beat faster, your mouth dries up, you forcefully shut your eyes trying to force away the scary, hazy blurry pictures of doom that start to form in dark circles. You hate thinking or talking about your fear(s), but you know it is bad…. you cannot continue like this. YOU NEED HELP….& FAST TOO

IMPORTANT – Please BEFORE you can apply for us to work with you, YOU MUST have seen our webinar / training that explains the High BP Reversal MethodTM, (our in-house STRATEGY which is tried, tested and proven to work no matter your age, how many years you’ve had this and no matter the complication). So you already KNOW and believe this method works and READY for us to help you use it to get your FREEDOM.

Without knowing this, we CANNOT work with you. So first of all, watch our webinar here, (www.hypertensionafrica.com/lifestyle) then you can come back and APPLY on this PAGE

But if you’re already a member of our community & are READY already, then go ahead and click the button below to APPLY IMMEDIATELY

A Summary of your Journey in the Next 3 Months

  1. Assess all your complaints 
  2. Tell us how it started
  3. Fears and tears
  4. Uncover all your triggers & root causes (so that you can see it’s not a ‘spiritual attack’ as you have been made to believe)
  5. We set your timeline with you in which you will have completely reversed high BP, so that your problem becomes your Number One GOAL
  6. We draw up your Weekly and Monthly Roadmap & action steps, based on the High BP Reversal MethodTM so that you know EXACTLY what you will be doing daily going forward that guarantees you feel better in as soon as 30 days from TODAY


Will give you everything you would need from short training videos to High BP reversal meal plans™, high BP reversal fitness plan™, based on your health needs and health goals. 

Champions Hangout (optional, but highly recommended)

where you meet with us and others on the body repair journey with you. 

Get motivated, stay focused and stay accountable with your co-Champions. 

Monthly Expert review sessions 

With your lead Coach.

Review your progress, get help for navigating your real life obstacles and course correct every month so that you definitely hit your Goals FASTER than if you kept going without direction. 


Don’t take our word for it. Check Out people like you crushing already


Meet Nkiru who dropped three drugs and daily paracetamol of over 5 years!  

Meet 52 year old woman reverse high blood pressure after TEN years of struggle….

Watch Madam Iheoma, a widow go from scared for her life and possibly leaving her kids as orphans to being super confident with babylike numbers in less than 6 months later…

How Much Does It Cost to Enroll in HBR Program?

Our GOAL is not just to deliver another course, but to work with you till you regain your ‘PERFECT BODY’. Therefore, we do not also aim to be the ‘cheapest’ in the industry, rather we AIM to DELIVER YOU THE BEST EXPERIENCE & ALL-ROUND TRANSFORMATION.


All our clients feel grateful  to be a part of this Program, as they are always blown away by their progress.


Investment typically costs anywhere between :

N100,000 to N700,000 and 

$1,000 to $5,000 depending on your needs and exclusivity of your Plan.

(we also offer flexible payment plans, which you may wish to explore during your call)

Please ensure you are in a position to invest in your health before booking this call.



How to Book:

  1. Once you click on the button, you will be taken to our Calendar to book a suitable time slot.
  2. In 2 minutes only you answer a couple of questions that help us prepare for you and understand your situation better and then you submit. 
  3. You save the scheduled time and date and show up for your call. Typically, sessions hold Mondays through Wednesdays. Your booking is confirmed via an automatic email notification. 
(Spots fill up too fast. Save yours now)

Special Upgrade Your Plan BONUS for DIY Course Owners

If you bought our online course- the Do-It-Yourself BP Crushing Program, but would prefer that we support you every step of your high BP reversal journey, kindly book your call now within the next 72 hours to unlock the Special Upgrade Bonus 

This Special Upgrade Bonus means – you only pay the difference in enrollment price for Upgrading

If you Upgrade NOW or within the next 72 hours

If you do it much later, then you enrol as a fresh client and you get to pay in full


Unlock the Bonus? 

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